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to make known as true, to open, to establish a relationship based on trust
God's sharing of himself with humanity
the written story of what God has donei n human history and particularly over that span of several thousand years we call "salvation history"
a statement of truth about someone or something, esp. concernting God;s actions as written in Scripture
spoken tradition
stories and teachings of a group passed on by word of mouth
written tradition
stories and teachings of a group passed on in written form
inspired, inspiration
God's influence in Scripture, working through human authors and their powers and abilities to reveal religious truth
literal truth
what is said or written exactly as said or written
spiritual truth
the religious meaning of a text in Scripture
literary form
kind or type of literature, such as poetry, history, and letter
Hebrew Scriptures
those books of the Bible held sacred by Jews; includes most of the Old Testament
Christian Scriptures
the New Testament of the Bible
books of the Bible kept by the community as normative for the faith development of the people of God
the standard for something; canonical