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What is a sacrament?
A sacrament is an outward sign made by God to give us grace.
What is Confirmation?
Confirmation is a sacrament that completes Baptism, allows us to receive the holy spirit,and helps us to become better Christians.
Commitment and initiation?
A willingness to do something and take responsibility.
Beginning start an invitation.
What is an outward sign and name the signs of Confirmation?
AN outward sign is an act that is visible. The signs of Confirmation are: Bishop,words,laying on of hands,holy oil,and cross.
Who is the minister of Confirmation.
The bishop is the misister of Confirmation because he is the successor of the apostles.
What is holy oil/chrism and what is the significance of the singn of the cross?
Chrism is a mixture of balm and oil. Sign of the cross is a willingness on our part to share in the suffering and death of Christ.
What feast day commemorates Confirmation?
Pentocost- apostles received the holy spirit in the presence of fiery tongues.
Why do we choose a name for Confirmation?
We choose a name for Confirmation to have another saint to honor and imitate.
Why choose a sponsor?
You choose a sponsor to be a witness to the sacrament,to present the canditate to receive the sacrament, to help us fulfill our commitment, and to be a good example for us.
What are the words said when you are confirmed?
(Sponsor)- my confirmation nane.
(Bishop)- be sealed with the gift of the holy spirit(making the sign of cross with chrism).
(I respond)- AMen.
(bishop)- Peace be with you.
(I respond)- ANd also with you.
shake hands and hug!!
What does the word amen mean?
It means done, finished,completed and you agree.
The five fruits of the holy spirit.
right judgement, courage,wisdom and awe,wonder,understanding, reverence,and knowledge.
APostles Creed
The truths of church.
What does the annointing signify?
on the forehead with chrism in the form of the cross signifies that the Catholic who is confirmed must always be ready to profess their faith and practice it fearlessly.
What are the conditions required for Confirmation?
1.)Baptized Catholic
2.) State of sanctifying grace
3.) Well-instructed in the Doctrines of the Faith.