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What happened in the year 313
it is legal to practice Christianity (Edict of Milan by Constantinople)
What happened in the year 380
Christianity becomes the official religion of the church
What happened in the year 1054
Schism of 1054 (when the east and west spilt)
What happened in the year 49
The Council of Jeruslem
What happened in the year 1962
Vatican II (opened by John the XXIII; closed by Paul VI)
What happened in the 1500's
Protostan Reformation
What did Pope Leo XIII write?
Reverum Novarum (On the Conditions of the Working Class)
What are some main points of Vatican I?
it opened in 1860's
and brought about papel infallability (when the pope speaks offically about a document he is without error)
What did Ignatious of Antioch do?
on his way to exicution he wrote 7 letters to Christians telling them not to stop his death because he is happy to die for God
What is the Ichcus?
The Christian symbol in the shape of a fish that was used to tell Christians that they were friendly
What was some good things about the Crusades?
took back the holy land and
new jobs, trade and spice
What were some bad things about the Crusades?
it was an excuse to fight and kill people
What was the reason and result of inquisition?
it was an effort to end heresy but it ended up being used as torture and ways of killing people
First wave of immigration brought...
Ireland and Germany
The second wave of immigration brought...
poland, eastern europe, italy