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what do the O.T. and the N.T. represent?
a covenant between God and us that cannot EVER be broken
How many books are in the O.T. and how long did it take to write it?
46 books and 1000 years during the exile
How many books are in the N.T. and how long did it take to write it?
27 books and 50 years
where does the Bible originate from?
the Jews and the Deutoronimists
the writers of the Bible were (blank) by God
What defines the Israelites to God?
the 10 Commandments
What is the difference between the Judges and the Prophets
1. military

2. conscience of Israel, call people back to God
How were the Nations divided?
Israel in the North

Judah in the South
that which has been passed down by word of mouth
oral tradition
has to do with actual past events for which evidence survives
historical truth
based on faith and belief in what cannot be seen
religious truth
What truth is the Bible based off of?
oral tradition and religious truth
The Bible is a collaboration of (blank and blank)
God and humans
What did the covenant with Abe entail?
-land of Caanan
-reveal one God
-descendants as numerous as stars and sand
What does Christianity stem from?
the Old Testament and Judaism
Why do we need the O.T.?
-can's understand N.T. without it
-recounts lives of Jews
Why is the O.T. more commonly called the Hebrew Scriptures?
-implies outdated
-based on our ancestors
What is Abraham a symbol of?
the fulfillment of our Salvation History
What was Abe's profession?
nomad, wandering herdsman
What is the Bible a story of?
God's love because he created us
What are the Patriarch's and the Matriarch's?
founders of our faith
Who is an example of how sin spreads?
Cain and Abel
Who is an example of obeying God?
Who is an example of trying to be equal to God?
Babylon and their temple
Who leads the Israelites into Caanan?
Who are the first 3 Kings of Israel?
What was God's promise to David?
his royal line would endure forever if he kept the Covenant with God
What are the books of the Pentateuch?
Who was Jacob's favorite Son?
What was God's biggest test on Abe?
to sacrifice his only son as an offering to God, when God sees that he would do anything for God, sends an angel to tell him to keep his son
Why does David believe he was sold to slavery?
to help with his family and the famine
Why won't Pharoh let the people go?
he thinks he is a god
what are the 3 signs God uses to show Moses and Pharoh that he is all powerful
-staff to snake
-leporous hand
-water to blood
-10 plagues
How is God portrayed in Moses and Miriam's Canticle?
as a liberator
Why does Aaron build the gold calf?
people think Moses abandoned them on the Mountain
What is the high point of Exodus?
the sealing of the covenant
What does the Mosaic Law show?
-how to worship
-holiness code
-polygamy, ban, slavery
What is the difference between the coveting and action commandments?
-sins of mind

-these are what happens after thought about coveting
What is Leviticus?
shows how to worship, avoid sin, how to make up for sins, sacrifices, and debts
What is the Day of Atonement known as?
Yom Kippur
What is the Jubilee?
all deaths are canceled
Who goes into Caanan first with faith?
Caleb and Joshua
When does Moses doubt God?
when he hits the rock twice to get water instead of once
Why couldn't Moses see God's face?
so miraculous, would die
Who is Moses' successor?
Who are the Philistines and what do they want?
-sea dwellers
-take over Caanan
What were the Philistines good at?
fighting and dominating
Who was Samson?
a nazarite with uncontrolable strength and lust
What is a Nazarite?
man consecrated to God from birth never to touch a strong drink, cut his hair or beard
What are 3 amazing things Samson did?
-killed lion with bare hands
-killed 1000 Philistines with donkey's jawbone
Who was Deliah and what bad things did she do?
-hired by Philistines to find out how Samson was so strong, Samson's lover
-cut hair
What do the Philistines do to Samson?
-gouge out eyes
-use as slave
What is Samson's greatest last feat?
pushes pillars apart when hair grows back
-kills a ton of Philistines and himself
What is the symbolism between Joshua and Samson?
-how God uses people for good
-be like Joshua
Who is Ruth and what is important about her?
-compassion, love
-stays with mother in law after death of son and husband
What does Ruth symbolize?
God creates good ending from bad and suffering
What is the geneology of Naomi and Ruth?
Naomi (mother-in-law)>Ruth (Gentile)>Obed (father)>Jesse (father)>David (king)
Why do Ruth and Naomi journey to Moab?
famine and to be with family and to go to Israel
What does Ruth pledge when she decides to stay with Naomi?
worship same God
What is Ruth's job and how does she meet her husband?
gleams harcest, farmer is Boaz
Why does Boaz respect Ruth?
take care of mother in law
How does Ruth offer herself to Boaz?
sits at foot of his bed while sleeping, he puts cloak around her as ownership
What does Boaz have to go to the husband's closest kin for?
so that he can pass off Ruth
What is the one theme throughout all of Ruth?
trust and complete fidelity to God?
What is going on in the 1st book of Kings and Samuel
transition to nationhood
Who appointed Saul?
the prophet Samuel
Why did the Israelites want to be under a human king?
-all the other nations
-God be put 2nd
-like other nations
Who does God call while he is with the priest Eliah?
Samuel, the nazarite
What happens when the Philistines steal the Ark of the Covenant?
bad things happen to the Tribes
What does Saul do right about when he is to be appointed King?
-tries to hide
-defeats the Ammonites
What is the key to success?
How did Sual disobey God?
-offer prebattle sacrifice
-doesn't carry out the ban
What does Samuel do secretly?
appoint David as king becasue Saul would kill if found out
How did Saul meet David?
-harp player
Why is Saul jealous of David?
-married daughter
-more popular
How does Saul try to kill David?
-spear him
-front line of battle
How does David get the sword of Goliath?
-flee to Nob
-tell Ahimilech
How does David show that he gave Saul mercy?
-in same cave
-takes some of his cloak
Why was polygamy important?
carry on descendants by sons only
Why does David live with Philistines?
to attack from the back and ransack Caananite tribes
What happens when Saul conjures Samuel's ghost?
-die next day
-Saul kills himself
What are Samuel 1 and 2 based on?
-reign of Saul

-rise of King David
Why does Abner appoint Ishbaal in North?
Why does Abner trade sides?
david is too powerful
How old is David when he becomes King and why does he pick Jerusalem as the capital?
-no other tribe had conquered that land yet
-central position
What were David's 2 great feats?
-philistine threat ended
-unified all Israelite tribes
When David conquered Jerusalem, what did he do?
-bring the Ark of Covenant there
-marry Micha for political reasons
What is the Davidic covenant?
-Nathan help understand what God wants from him
-son build temple
-Loyal enduring line forever by God
Who is the main reason of David's downfall and what happens?
-Bathsheba, beautiful woman
-has child
-Uriah, her husband is killed to cover up mistakes (front line)
-child dies
What are the other kids David has, and what are their problems?
Second Wife:
-Amnon (rapes half-sister, Tamar)
Third Wife:
-Tamar and Absalom(kills Amnon to protect Tamar, full blood brother)

-David angry of Amnon's death
Absalom runs away, pretend to repent, killed in revolt
Who takes over after David?
Solomon-second son of Bathsheba
Who is supposed to be King when Soloman takes his place?
Why is Soloman a bad king?
-alliance with Egypt and intermarries
-forced labor, taxes
-too much power and wisdom
Why is Soloman a partially good king?
-build first temple
-VERY wise
When does the Golden Age end?
with Solomans death
Who are the non-writing prophets?
Samuel(appoint kings)
Nathan(helped David)
Elijah and Elisha (Ahab's prophets, lived in the North)
Who are the writing prophets?
Who demands that Baal be worshipped as the primary god in Israel?
What is the story about Zarephath?
makes Elijah meal with last of food, never runs out again, converted to Christianity
What challange does Baal lose?
to bring rain afer a drought
What is the message with Elijah?
people are half hearted
What happens to Elijah on Mt. Sinai?
GOd comes in gentle breeze, not strong wind, earth quake, or fire
What is the story of Naboth?
-Ahab wants vineyard
-Jezebel accuses of crime and he's stoned
What happens when Naboth's death is reported to Elijah?
prohesy that dogs will lick blood, devour wife, like Naboth, and line of ancestors disappear
How does Elijah disappear and what does Elisha get in return?
-fiery chariot

What kind of prophet is Amos and what does he do?
-born in south
-condemns rich who exploited the poor
-sends sign of Emmanuel (God with us)
What did Amos prophesy?
Israel will be destroyed when Assyrians take over
What is the relationship with Hosea?
-betrayed husband
-relationship with God
-life is prohpetic or he wouldn't be able to understand
-Israelites cheating on God by worshipping other gods
Why were the Samaritans hated?
-didn't flee, stayed in Israel
-married Assyrian foreigners
After Ahaz dies, who takes over and what does he do?
-destroys Assyrian shrines
-try to take over Assyria
-Isaiah warns they would be stripped of everything
Why does Isaiah walk around in a loincloth?
symbolize that Israel would be stripped of everything
What was Micah converned with?
the treatment of the poor
What were the prohpets?
the conscious of Israel
What is plowshares scripture?
they shall beat their swords into plowshares and spears into pruning hooks
Who is Manasseh?
a wicked ruler
What did Zephaniah preach?
poor and oppressed will be remnant of the new covenant with God
What did Nahum preach?
Ninevah will fall and that God would use Babylon to take over Assyria and later Israel
Who showed that it was ok to question God?
Who was the prophet who suffered much persecution, was very young and very shy and tender hearted?
What couldn't Jeremiah find?
any good people
Who lead the reform?