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Origins of Buddhism
Northern India (500 BCE)
Hinduism Origin
Prehistoric India
Origins of Judaism
Palestine (2000 BC)
Origins of Daoism
500's BCE China
Origins of Christianity
30 AD Palestine
Origins of Islam
622 AD Arabia
Holy Books of Hinduism
Holy Books of Judaism
Holy book of Buddhism
Holy Books of Daoism
Tao Te Ching Chuang Tze
The Bible
holy book of christianity
holy book of islam
Major beliefs of hinduism
one god who can take many forms; goal:to achieve moksha; reincarnations; nonviolence
One God; Ten commandments; the torah as god revelation and the plan for proper living
Judaism beliefs
Buddhism Beliefs
Four Noble Truths; Eightfold Path; Nirvana
Daoism beliefs
Natural spontaneity; desire for harmony; sense of the absurd
Christianity beliefs
One God; Jesus son of God and redeemer of man kind
Islam Beliefs
One all-powerful compaddionate god; muhammed was prophet of Islam; Five pillars of Islam
Hinduism Goal
achieve moksha
Buddhism Goal
reach nirvana
Buddhist History
Siddhertha Guatama Buddha kept in palace, lived life of luxury
Christian History
palestine (30 Ad)
Hindu History
evolved over 3500 years
pre-historic india
no main figure or founder
Islam History
Arabia 622 AD Muhammed
Jew History
2000 BC
China 500 BC Lautze