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Reasons to study the Old Testament
1.God's Word
2.The Old Testament helps us to understand Jesus.
3.Jewish background
4.Educated people are expected to know the Bible
There are 4 reasons
How did Jesus use Scriptures to teach about himself according to Luke's Gospel?
By the story of the 2 men walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus, on Easter Sunday evening.
They WERE sad and discouraged.
3 ways God revealed himself
1. Creation
2. Scriptures
3. *JESUS*
Hebrew Scriptures
Old Testament
Christian Scriptures
New Testament
collection of books
a group of beliefs that have been passed down by word of mouth
Primary Author/Inspiration
God also inspired the editors whop gathered the writings together. Through inspiration God is the primary author of the Bible.
How many books in the Bible?/How many in the Old Testament and in the New Testament?
73/O.T.:46 & N.T.:27
What are the categories in the O.T.?
Law, Historical, Prophetic, and Wisdom
There are 4
In the category of Law what are two other names?/What does Pentateuch mean?
Torah and Pentateuch/5 scrolls
What does the word Genesis and Exodus mean?
Genesis: beginning
Exodus: departure
Where were the Dead Sea Scrolls found?/In what year did he find it?/Who found the scrolls?
In jars,in a cave,next to the Dead Sea, at Judea./1947/a shepherd boy
How old are the Dead Sea Scrolls?/ How old are the Dead Sea Scrolls found than the ones found before?/When were the ones found before?
From 100 B.C./ 109 years older/in 9 A.D.