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Define Reliability
Refers to consistency or stability of the measure

Must work exact same way each time it is used to be reliable
Define Method Error
Error from the experimenter and testing situation or design
What are errors in measurment?
Method and Trait Errors
Define Trait Error
Error from the subject

examples...Giving wrong information (faking good or bad), forgetting events
What is an observed score?
Observed score = true score + measurement error
What is the formula for Reliability?
True Score
True score + error score

No error...Reliability = 1 or -1
What is a correlation coefficient?
Value that indicates the strength of the relationships between two variables

ex) hours watching tv correlates with hours playing video games

r score range from -1.00 to + 1.00

further from 0 = stronger correlation

closer to 0 = weaker correlation
Define test/retest reliability

What are problems associated with test/retest
Test people twice to see if their scores are stable

reliable test scores should be the same each time they are measure

Practice effects - people get better at answering the questions the second time around, so the correlation gets weakended

short interval - if the time between completing the measure is short, people might remember how they responded to the questions
(tests their memory, not reliability of the measure
Define alternate forms reliability
two different alternative froms tests

Tests are equivalent
Split-Half reliability
Split items on a measure in half and correlate the two halves

total 50 items

randomly split the scale in half (25 & 25)