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what are the 11 phases of relapse warning signs
1. internal change
2. denial
3. avoidance and defensiveness
4. crises building
5. immobilization
6. confusion and overreaction
7. change in physical habits
8. behavioral loss of control
9. distorted thoughts /emotional control
10 Option Reduction
11.Alcohol and Drug use
signs of internal change
increased stresses
"recovery program not as important"
mood swings/sweeps
acting different, deep inside
Signs of denial
worrying about myself
denying that i'm worried
signs of avoidance and
"i'll never use" no need to put a lot of energy into my recovery program
worry about others instead of self
reluctant to discuss personal problems
cumpulsive behaviour
impulsive behaviour-create problems
Signs of Crises building
tunnel vision-my life is made up of separate unrelated parts"
minor depression
lack of constructive planning
plans begin to fail
signs of immobilization
wishful thinking
feeling nothing can be solved
immature wish to be happy
signs of confusion
difficulty thinking clearly
diff managing feelings
diff remembering things
periods of confusion
diff managing stress
irritation with friends
easily angered
change in physical habits
irregular eating
lack of desire
difficulty sleeping
no daily structure
periods of deep depression
signs of behavioral loss of control
irregualr self help attendence
"i don't care"attitude
open rejection of help
disatisfaction with life
signs of distorted thought and emotional control
diff with physical coord and accidents
self-pity--must be hopeless
thought of social use-"will help not hurt"
conscious lying-cant stop
complete loss of self confidence--powerless
signs of option reduction
unreasonalbe resentment
discontinue treatment
overwhelming loneliness,frustration,
signs of alchohol / drug use
attempting controlled use
disappointment, shame, guilt
loss of control
life and health problems