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religion is about
4 Cs
creeds, codes, cultuses, community
set of beliefs that people in religion follow
Set of guidelines relating to beliefs
Embodied practice of beliefs (rituals)
a sacred moment- both tremendously fascinating/mysterious
the numinous
what does otto say about the numinous?
it's necessary for religions
NA spirituality is connected to...
Landscape/space/physical place
NAs had no word for
To NAs, holy/sacred are _____, not ____
immanent, trancsendent
2 types of NA groups
agriculture, hunting
Universe is alive with spirit, life force present in all things
Humans and animals part of same family (not in conflicted relationship), respect and serve nature, nature will respect and serve humans
Intermediaries between visible, ordinary world and the spirit world
Shamans may operate through this process
ceremonial space of NAs
place of emergence
Columbus believed he was discovering...
a lost Eden (or India?)
NAs are agents of devil, completely corrupted and irredeemable
wild heathens
NAs are perfect innocents, blank slates waiting for Christianity- childlike, peaceful, devoid of religion
noble savages
2 contrasting views of NAs
noble savages, wild heathens
Gave children, money, land, etc. to church to ensure family members' transition from Purgatory to Heaven
3 branches of christianity
roman catholic, eastern orthodox, protestantism
More mystical christian tradition, more iconographic
eastern orthodoxy
4 principles of protestantism
sola scriptura, sola fide, priesthood of all believers, moral action in the world
TULIP is an idea of
everything is preordained by God
total depravity, unconditional election, limited atonement, irresistible grace, perseverence of the saints
the numinous
a sacred moment- both tremendously fascinating/mysterious
Universe is alive with spirit, life force present in all things
Humans and animals part of same family (not in conflicted relationship), respect and serve nature, nature will respect and serve humans
Intermediaries between visible, ordinary world and the spirit world
ceremonial space of NAs
place of emergence
those who will go to heaven
the elect
kinship groups
NAs understood selves as part of one extended family by marriage, adoption (used often to make alliances and negotiate around war)
_____ help NAs remember how to respect spirit world and ancestors
christianity is a _____ tradition
if someone is incarnate, they are 100% ____ and 100% ____
human, divine
gifts to ensure family members’ transition from Purgatory to Heaven
bodies/remnants of holy people sold by church
sola scriptura
Interpretations of how to understand and apply the Scriptures do not have the same authority as the Scriptures themselves
sola fide
the people with faith are the obedient (not those who behave correctly)
total depravity
all humans sin because of original sin, can’t save selves
unconditional election
God chooses to save people unconditionally, not based on merit
limited atonement
Jesus died on cross to negate original sin and save the Elect and only the elect
irresistible grace
When God has chosen to save someone, he will, and it can’t be changed
perseverance of the saints
The chosen cannot lose their salvation, they can’t help but do well
anglicanism maintained catholic _____
individual covenant
Predestination, can’t be broken
corporate covenant
Households or communities make, can be broken (temporal), thus, God can remove protection.
Roger Williams used idea of ____ to criticize Puritanism
soul liberty
soul liberty
freedom of religious opinion
Members of a particular religious group are under no obligation to obey the laws of ethics or morality as presented by religious authorities
halfway covenant
Children of people who are coming to church (halfway into covenant) can be baptized
____ was first sign that the rigidity of Puritanism is changing
halfway covenant
States/colonies support Anglican churches
Anglican church has an emphasis on _____
holy days and rituals
Jermiad sermons are _____
Calvinist Protestant
Jermiad sermon is a…
Ritual lament of lost piety of people
Jermiad sermon says that…
bad things have happened because we broke covenant with God
Inverted Jermiad sermon says that…
bad things are happening because of other clergy (blame leaders)- maybe those clergy aren’t as divine as they would like you to believe
In order to fund education at Oxford, Whitefield had to be servant to wealthy student
sixth sense
John Edwards believed you need to get a sense of God’s holy grace, not just rationally know it
Old Lights
Mark of religion is reason, anti-revival
New Lights
Mark of true religion was emotions, pro-revivals
OL would call themselves
NL would become
bonfire of the vanities
John Davenport supporting burning material things preventing people from being spiritually renewed during Great Awakening
joint-stock companies
A number of Puritans put money together for settlements
anne hutchinson
Puritan who criticized minister to a mixed-gender group
Methodists moved around country to preach
to NAs, ____ and ____ were important
transformation, cycles
In NA religion, ____ is not involved in daily life, while ____ are
High God, spirits/ancestors
Europeans can occupy land because they are descendents of ___ and children of ___
Adam, Abraham
Spain came to America looking for
God, gold, glory
John Smith's Map was of
Chesapeake area
New Amsterdam started by ______
Dutch and English
Pennsylvania started by_____
The Quaker who started Pennsylvania is named
William Penn
Rhode Island started by ____
English Baptists
Virginia started by ____
Northern colonies of Eastern seaboard were (tolerance)
Middle colonies of Eastern seaboard were (tolerance)
Southern colonies of Eastern seaboard were (tolerance)
neutral tolerance
Northern colonies of Eastern seaboard were
Puritans from England
Middle colonies of Eastern seaboard were
Southern colonies of Eastern seaboard were
Anglicans, some Muslims
Codes of Christianity
Old Testament and 10 commandments
Cultuses of christianity
rituals connected to what Jesus did
church is ______ between here and beyond
goal of Protestantism
reform Catholicism
In Protestantism, ______ gives you ____
god's grace, faith
Puritans coming from England were
Protestant Huguents came from ____ and followed ____
France, waterways
Puritan addition to predestination
Puritans abolished ____ and removed ____
hierarchies, distractions
____ and ____ connected in Puritanism
church, gov't
In Puritanism, church membership limited to ____
visibly godly
Separating congregationalists wanted
whole new church
non-separating congregationalists wanted
to reform Anglicanism
2 types of Puritans
separating, nonseparating congregationalists
Puritans organized community around
meeting house
_____ was end of Puritan hegemony
Salem witch trials
People coming from ____ were Catholic
Spain and France
Luther wanted to reform ___
Luther translated bible into ___
Calvin was governer of a ____
Predestination is called the _____
"comfortable doctrine"
the elect are blessed with a sense of _____
inner assurance
The Calvinist god is ____
not friendly
4 types of Calvinists
Presbyterians, congregationalists, quakers, baptists
type of calvinism with an overarching governing board
type of calvinism without an overarching governing board
Anglicanism kept the ___ and ____ of Catholicism
ceremonies, hierarchy
Anglicanism rejected
missionary order of catholicism
3 types of missionaries
jesuits, dominicans, franciscans
Methodism started by
George Whitefield
Methodism was started to renew…
Methodism stressed ______
personal relationship with god
Jews were expelled from
_____ Jews came from Iberian peninsula
Matzo board meant that
there were enough Jews practicing that they could make something for ritual practice
3 aspects of revivals that show that they set stage for revolution
challenged existing authority, new sense of cohesiveness, energized colonists
What did Cutler say about Whitefield?
Whitefield commended faith/purity of the country, and cultivated pride in forefathers
Who was inspired after hearing whitefield?
Nathan Cole
2 ways that revolution affected religion in America
separation of church and state, cut down on Anglican influence on religion
What did Winthrop say about the new land?
"God hath provided this place to be a refuge"
What did winthrop say about how puritan gov't should be?
“Government both civil and ecclesiastical’
harvard was established to
ensure perpetuation of educated ministry
winthrop's sermon was called
Modell of Christian Charity
modell of christian charity said
people would maintain their God-ordained social place in New England
seal of Mass Bay colony shows
Puritans’ sense of religious mission and cultural supremacy
Protestant missionizing
Persuaded Cherokees to accept white ways
Catholic missionizing
Protested enslaving Indians, saw them as wholly human
encomienda system
missionary communities set up by missionaries, enforced by soldiers
Jesuit missionizing
learned language of natives, adapted christianity to Natives
Puritan missionizing
Brought into "praying towns" to civilize
Who translated Bible into Algonkian?
John Eliot