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one of most influential ╬ thinkers of West, bishop of Carthage, defense of unity of church and apostolic authority of bishops
• leader rigorist faction in Roman Ch mid 3rd cent
• exclude apostates – those that abandoned the faith when tested
• ultimately defeated by Cyprian of Carthage --- wants more moderate policy
Augustine of Hippo
told Roman state to force Donatists bk to Ro ch for sake public order
• Bishop of Hippo in North Africa
• Leading Latin theologian
• Founder of Augustinian order of monks
• penance
Justin Martyr
• Apologies
• One of 1st thinkers link Greek philo--- ╬ity
o J+ = Logos
o ╬ity best of all philos
o Dressed as a philo, but reasoning in his mind for Bible not human reason
• Beaten and beheaded
Clement of Alexandria (150-215)
• Little known about his life
• links b/c ╬ity Greek philo, goal: ╬ity = ultimate philo, (sim to Justin)
• Logos – informs souls of M/W
o Feminine imagery
• scripture = allegorical
leader of Alexandrian school of theo, allegorical interp of scripture, Castrated himself literally b/c of F student scandal
 185-254
Presbyter – “elder”, clerical position
Greek phil/ --- ╬ (sim Justin and Clement)
But not as into philo as they were
• asceticism – survival w/ min food/sleep, ↓ personal comforts,
• Philo of Platonism
• Studied philo of Neoplatonism
Platonic doctrine --- Oriental mysticism, all existence comes from the One with whom the soul may be reunited.
• Alexandrian Middle Platonism – version of Platonism in 1st/2nd cent
• like all above, connections b/t pagan culture and ╬,
• philo useless,
• moral rigorist, very strict,
• 1st to  clear doctrine of Trinity, ed many of terms Latin theology,
• 1st to write in Latin
• Most influential W. until Augustine
• ch = sep from society
• belonged to charismatic Montanist sect
having/pertaining to gifts of HS
founded 1st monastery where monks lived together under formal run, communal monasticism
Life, Bible scholar, polemicist, translator of Vulgate (stand Latin Bible)
Basil of Caesarea
model E. monast, Bishop of Cappadocian Caesarea, theologian
Benedict of Nursia -
foundation of western monasticism, self-sufficient monastery, moderate/communal asceticism, spread b/c not as extreme
Nicene Creed –
• Trinity idea set forth,
o 3 in 1 very complex idea,
o one God,
o begotten son  council Nicene, specific word, ambiguous b/c existed always (?) not made
• Who God is and who God is NOT
• Was J+ →ed? Did he exist throughout all of time? One of the biggest heresies
• 336 Arius
• John 14:28
• Most dangerous to structure
• Apostates (those that had denied Christ in order to not suffer) weren’t allowed back in, if you were a bishop apostate then whatever sacrament you didn’t doesn’t count anymore
• Augustine says this is wrong b/c forgiveness, → penance later on
• 4th cent
• Is God still talking to ╬s?
• Ppl fervent, emotional, spoke of apocalypse →es false teachers
o 1. doubt
o ╬s can fall away and lose faith and salv b/c no faith = no salv
o What makes a canon? Apostolic authority → limits canon
• New prophecy