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poetry writings
Psalms, Lamentations, Song of Solomon
wisdom writings
Proverbs, ecclesiastes, Job, Sirach, Wisdom of Solomon, Ruth, Esther
2 types of wisdom lit.
conventional/optimistic-sees the way things are as basically good--following the ways of God will bring you a good life

critical/pessimistic-sometimes bad thing happen to those who follow God, and those who are not close to God are successful
i.e. Donald Trump
Folk Wisdom
prov. 10-short sayings that capsulate common human knowledge/understanding in easy to understand form
royal or court wisdom
more elaborate literary constructions-wisdom becomes the theme for a long poem-setting much closer to Solomon
think before acting
Prose epilogue
moral of story
dates of the Exile
587-586 BCE
date when Persians invade and conquer Babylon
539 BCE
spiritual leader, helps reestablish worship in Israel
Political figure, helps bebuild nation in Israel
Date when Temple rebuit
~516 BCE
keeping nation of Israel separate--seeing other people as those who cannot be included in covenant of Abraham
date when Alexander the Great conquers Persia
333 BCE
Period of Jewish independence/ Macabean period
167-163 BCE
Date when Romans conquer Israel
63 BCE
Intertestamental period
200 BCE-200 CE
priestly, aristrocratic, accomodationist-interested in Public order
teachers of the Law; rabbis; synagogue; towns and villages
-Jeasus had most in common with Pharisees
political revolutionaries-believed pure worshop of God could not happen until Romans were kicked out of Palestine