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What does EDS abbreviate?
Extended Dominant Seventh (Chord Progression)
What is an EDS?
A series of dominant seventh chords that move forward using downward root motion of a perfect 5th or a minor 2nd.
Using chord symbols, give two examples of an EDS?
C7 - F7 - Bb7 - Eb7 - Ab7
C7 - B7 - Bb7 - A7 - Ab7
What are 2 differences in the result of a phrase harmonized with EDS as opposed to the same phrase harmonized with a diatonic approach technique?
With EDS:
1. harmonization quickly moves out of key.
2. creates more of a patterned sound.
In which situations are tensions referred to as *altered*?
When they are located a half step above or below the perfect 5th, major 9th; or half step below the major 13th
In pop and jazz standards, how are altered tensions most often resolved?
Are altered tensions ever resolved in an upward direction?
Yes, but it's the exception, not the norm.
What is an M/HE?
Melody / Harmony Error
What are 2 reharmonization techniques used to clean up M/HEs when applying EDS?
1. Tritone sub
2. Substitute a suspended dominant for a regular dominant.
Name 3 M/HEs which might occur when applying EDS.
1. Unwanted b9 intervals
2. Altered tensions resolving upward
3. Dom 7th containing both the 3rd and sus4.
What types of M/HEs might a tritone sub eliminate?
1. Converting an altered tension to a natural tension, thereby allowing it to resolve upward.
2. Eliminating unwanted b9 intervals
What type of M/HE would be corrected by substituting a sus4 for a regular dominant?
Unwanted b9 interval created between the 3rd and 11th of a regular dominant 7th chord.
What generalized trait will an EDS reharmonization provide that the diatonic approach will not?
EDS has a strong sense of forward motion and resolution and drives the progression toward the target chord.
The term used to describe any chord inserted between two dominant chords is _____.
What is interpolation?
Placing any chord between two dominant chords in a pattern.
Using chord symbols, give an example of interpolation and name the interpolated chord.
E7 - A7 - Ami7 - D7
Ami7 is the interpolated chord.
One way to delay resolution is through _____.
What is the purpose (or effect) of interpolation?
It delays / interrupts the resolution.
What is the chord quality most often used as the interpolated chord?
Minor 7th chord
What effect does reducing the harmonic rhythm have on a reharmonized phrase?
It produces a smoother sound.
One way to reduce an active harmonic rhythm in a 4/4 measure is by ___________.
Harmonizing on the strong beats (1 and 3) only. In other words, converting from a quarter-note to a half-note harmonic rhythm.
An umbrella term for Chapter 3 reharmonization might be ______.
Extended Dominant / Tritone Substitute technique
List 4 variations with the EDS technique.
1. Tritone Substitution
2. Sus4 for regular dominant
3. Interpolation
4. Converting strong-beat dominant chords to minor 7th chords
What is a II - V7 pattern?
Minor 7th to Dominant 7th with root motion down a P5 or down a m2
Using chord symbols, give two examples of a II - V7 pattern.
1. Gmi7 - C7
2. Gmi7 - Gb7
What is an extended II - V7 pattern?
One which is produced as a variation of extended dominants
Using chord symbols, give 2 examples of an extended II - V7 pattern.
1. Gmi7 - C7 - Fmi7 - Bb7 - Ebmi7 - Ab7
2. Gmi7 - Gb7 - Fmi7 - E7 - Ebmi7 - D7
Give one reason why creating an extended II- V7 pattern might not work.
Its application might from unwanted b9 or tritone M/HRs on the converted chords.
What action occurs in the technique of Displacement?
The target chord is moved to a point later in the progression.
What two effects are created by Displacement?
1. It shifts the locations of the harmonic cadences.
2. It creates a void which then can be filled with new chord changes.
How is a more dramatic effect created through Displacement?
By displacing the target chord by a measure or more.
Two ways to approach a displaced dominant chord.
1. By a related II-7, forming a related II- V7 pattern.
2. By another dominant chord a P5 or m2 higher.
Common displacement for a minor 7th chord with a b3 M/HR.
Displace, then precede by a II - V7 pattern a half step higher.
When a minor 7th chord with a b3 M/HR is displaced, the new M/HR becomes a _____.
Tension 9 MH/R
Common displacement for a minor 7th chord with a b5 M/HR.
Displace, then precede by a II - V7 pattern a half step higher.
When a minor 7th chord with a b5 M/HR is displaced, the new M/HR becomes a _____.
Tension 11 M/HR