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27 November Saturday
Fallen Marine felt pride for mission
Nick Nolte, who grew up playing commando along the creek beds and in the fields of southeast Nebraska, always dreamed of being a Marine
26 November Friday
Marine from Falls City dies of injuries received in Iraq
A roadside bomb in Baghdad has claimed the life of a Nebraska Marine, who died Wednesday in a military hospital of wounds received Nov. 8
26 November, Friday
Soldier hurt in Iraq grateful to be home
TIPTON, Iowa (AP) - An Iowa National Guard soldier who was seriously injured in an attack in Iraq last year is happy to be home this holiday season.

It was one year ago that Joe Gottschalk suffered near-fatal injuries in an attack that killed his childhood friend, Sgt. Aaron Sissel, 22, also of Tipton.
26 November Frida
Steady surveillance keeps track of flu
Learn how the state tracks the flu here.

Influenza isn't like West Nile.
29 Nov Mon
Lines, machine problems failed to mar 2004 vote, board told
LINCOLN - Long lines and isolated problems with vote-counting machines were reported on Election Day in Nebraska, but overall there were no major difficulties, the Nebraska Board of Canvassers was told Monday.

The board approved the state's official vote count, except for four races that remained subject to a Wednesday recount. The board will meet again next Monday to certify those races
29 November Monday
Affidavits opened in rape case
In their quest to solve the rapes of four women in the past two years, Omaha police sought a black man's DNA even after a victim had ruled him out as her attacker, according to an affidavit unsealed Monday
30 Nov Tues
DNA questions unanswered
Unsealed Monday, the affidavits Omaha police used to obtain black men's DNA produced more questions than answers about the police's ongoing rape investigation
30 Nov
Bad joke gets better for police
A man walked into a La Vista gas station Sunday and joked that he had a gun - but what happened next left the police laughing.
30 Nov
Democratic star lunches with Buffetts in Omaha
Was the Oracle of Omaha dispensing financial, or political, advice Monday when he met with Democratic rising star Barack Obama in downtown Omaha?
The only thing known for sure is that Obama, elected to the U.S. Senate last month from Illinois, lunched with Warren Buffett and his daughter, Susan Buffett, at the Plaza Club.
30 Nov
Justice Department says judge ignored Congress in partial-birth abortion ruling
LINCOLN - The U.S. Justice Department said Tuesday that a Nebraska judge who ruled that the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act is unconstitutional ignored evidence gathered by Congress in passing the law.
Dec 1
Pension plans need deeper pockets, state told
LINCOLN - Keeping pension plans healthy for Nebraska judges, school employees and State Patrol troopers will require $17 million more per year, a consultant reported Tuesday
Lieutenant governor
7 Dec tues
Lieutenant governor list may shrink because of legal opinion
LINCOLN - When governor-to-be Dave Heineman finally goes looking for a lieutenant governor sometime next month, he may not be able to offer the job to a sitting state senator, according to the state attorney general