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Before refractive surgery, why is it important to know if they have ever had HSV?
b/c UV light can reactivate the virus
Lasik will ______ the IOP for a short term. What kind of a patient is this important for?
increase, glaucoma
There are many contraindications for refractive surgery, name 6.
1- pregnant patients
2- Hx of autoimmune, collage vascular or immunodeficiency diseases
3- Hx of keratoconus
4- Hx of keloid formation(scars)
5- on meds: acutane, cordarone, imitrex
6- psycho patients
What age has the FDA labeled as "old enough" to get lasik?
Yos must ALWAYS measure the pupil size in _____ light before refractive surgery. Ablate around the pupil to reduce ______.
low, glare and halos
Should you do a cyclopleged refraction on every patient before you do refractive surgery.
Before refractive surgery, remove soft CTL for _____. Remove RG for _________.
soft CTL = 3-4 days
RG = 3-4 weeks
After refractive surgery, the patient must wait _____ before wearing their soft CL.
1 week (why would they need their Ctl anyway????)
ORBSHOT can show ________ cornea curvature. Why is this a good thing?
posterior, b/c in subtle keratoconus cases, posterior abnormalites can come before anterior.
The VISX WaveScan wavefront systems measures imperfections ______ times more percisely than any other system.
25 times