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The prestige of the Church had been damaged by what three things?
the Great Schism (1378-1417)
the Babylonian Captivity
the abuses of the clergy
Which english clerk had questioned the authority of the pope and rejected transubstantiation?
John Wyclif
Which Bohemia theologian was burned at the steak?
Jan hus
Who criticized the church but never advocated seperation?
Who was the most powerful man in Europe?
the pope
What eroded the power of the papacy?
the emergence of new monarchs and the nation-states
What is clerical pluralism?
holding more than one church office at a time
What is simony?
the selling of church positions
What is nepotism?
appointing family members to high-ranking positions
How were government officials awarded?
with clerical positions
Who said, "God has fiven us the papacy-let us enjoy it!"
Leo X
who made his two grandsons cardinals?
Paul III
Who led an army against France?
Julius II