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alexander vi

from and made what

treaty of tordesillas
julius II
warrior pope
leo XI
catalyst to rfomation
ludivico moro
invite french to italy
anti materialism
meguel cervantes
"don puirote"

started inquisition
auto de fea
burn heritic
don quiorte
sqaure : sancho panza
cause of reformation
1) weakness of church
2) reformers
A. john wycliffe
B. john huss
4)growth in business
5) leo XI rebuilt st. peters
martin luther
nailed 95 theses @ worms

made bible into germany
charles V
war with turk and franch

borrow $ from jacob fooger
Deit of worm
edict: "you will recant"
council: schmnlkodiz league
leader: philip of hesa
john fred of saxony
morese of saxons
was cath became prod

signed: Peace of Augsburg

Agree to: Cujus Regio Euins Religio"
Ulrich Zwingli
establish : signature test