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Name the Dz and Tx: lots and lots of purulent discharge from eye
hyperacute conjuctivitis (gonococcal) tx w/systemic abx
Tx of corneal ulcers
abx drops around the clock
Name the Dz and Tx: tree branch pattern in eye w/fluorescein dye
HSV keratitis. No roids.
Tx for chalazion
warm compresses
Tx for uncomplicated conjuctivitis
cool compress and artificial tears
Which red eye conditions require referral?
corneal infxn, iritis, angle closure glaucoma, trauma
Name the Dz: dishcarge from eye, no pain, nl, vision, nl pupil
Name the dz: d/c from eye, pain, decreased va, small pupil
Name the dz: no d/c, pain (light sensitivity), decreased va, small pupil
Name the dz: no d/c, pain, decreased va, dilated pupil
Tx for chlamydia
tetracycline or emycin for 3-6 weeks
Sequelae for chlamydia in the neonate?
systemic dz (otitis, pneumonitis)