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Who has to be present at a camp?
1. A physician.

2. A registered nurse.

3. A person who is a holder of,

i. a Canadian Red Cross Society's Standard First Aid Certificate,

ii. a St. John Ambulance Association's Standard First Aid Certificate, or

iii. a certificate that the medical officer of health considers equivalent to a certificate referred to in subparagraph i or ii. R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 568, s. 7 (1).
What are the qualifications of a Director in a recreational camp waterfront?
Every waterfront area in a recreational camp that is used for aquatic activities shall be under the supervision of a waterfront director who is at least eighteen years of age and who holds one of the following qualifications that has been obtained within two years of acting as a waterfront director:

1. The National Lifeguard Service's registered lifeguard certificate.

2. The Royal Life Saving Society's Canada Bronze Medallion and aquatic instructor's certificate.

3. Any of the following certificates together with two years aquatic supervision experience:

i. The Royal Life Saving Society's Canada Bronze Medallion or higher award,

ii. The Canadian Red Cross Society Water Safety Leader or Water Safety Instructor's certificate,

iii. The Young Men's Christian Association's Basic or Senior Lifesaving certificate, or

iv. A certificate that the medical officer of health considers to be equivalent to a certificate referred to in subparagraph ii or iii. R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 568, s. 34 (1).
What are the requirements of a supervisor in a rec camp?
Every supervisor in a recreational camp shall be at least sixteen years of age and hold the Royal Life Saving Society's Bronze Medallion or qualifications that, in the opinion of the medical officer of health, are equivalent to the Bronze Medallion.
What safety equipment is needed at a waterfront?
1. One or more buoyant rescue aids attached to a shoulder loop with a six millimetre line at least 1.60 metres in length.

2. One or more reaching poles of three metres or greater in length.

3. One or more buoyant throwing aids attached to a six millimetre line at least eight metres in length.

4. A spine board.

5. A paddleboard or boat, when any part of the swimming area is more than fifty metres from the shore.

6. First aid supplies
What kind of documentation is necessary at a camp?
The waterfront director of a recreational camp shall ensure that there are written instructions for emergency and operational procedures that shall be used in the event of an accident or emergency in the waterfront area and that all supervisors are trained in the procedures.