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What were some of the problems Southerners faced after the Civil War?
plantations were destroyed, many people were poor, and everything was a mess
Northern post war problems....
Many returning soldiers lost jobs
What was different about Johnson's Plan from Lincoln's plan?
Johnson's plan was a little more strict than Lincoln's plan
What was Lincoln's plan called?
The 10 % plan....called this because it allowed Southern states to re-enter the Union if 10% of the citizens sworn their loyalty.
Which group of people provided food, education, housing, and job opportunities for new freedmen and poor whites.
The Freedmen's Bureau
Who shot Lincoln and where?
John Wilkes Booth at the Ford Theater
What was the Reconstruction Act?
An act that punished former CSA members....formed by the Radical Republicans
Which amendment freed all slaves?
the 13th amendment
What was the 14th amendment?
Granted citizenship to all humans born in the USA
Which amendment allowed all African Americans to vote?
the 15th amendment
Which area passed the black codes, putting restrictions on African Americans?
the South
Who was Thaddeus Stevens and Charles Sumner?
Two Radical Republicans who went through with the impeachment of Johnson
Why did the Radical Republicans impeach Johnson?
Because they were afraid he would take power away from them and not pass their bills.
What is a scalawag?
A southerner who supports Northern views
What is a Carpetbagger?
Northerner who goes South to take advantage of the South's misery