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to greet each other

we/They/y'all greeted each other.

Ellos se saludaron.
Nosotros nos saludamos.
Vosotros os saludasteis.
to say goodbye to each other

They/we/y'all said goodbye to each other.

e->i stemchanger (second e changes to i in present tense to make a boot verb)

second e changes to i in the ellos conjugation of the preterite

Ellos se despidieron.
Nosostros nos despedimos. (no change)
Vosotros os despedisteis. (no change)
to meet each other (like to meet up, to meet for the first time--can be over in an instant)

They/we/y'all met each other.
encontrarse (o-ue in present tense only)

Ellos se encontraron.
Nosotros nos encontramos.
Vosotros os econtrasteis.
to kiss each other

we/They/y'all kissed each other.

Nosotros nos besamos.
Ellos se besaron.
Vosotros os besasteis.
to hug each other

we/They/y'all hugged each other.

Nosotros nos abrazamos.
Ellos se abrazaron.
Vosotros os abrazasteis.
to shake hands with each other

we/They/y'all shook hands with each other.
darse la mano

***remember this conjugates weird in the preterite

Nosotros nos dimos la mano.
Ellos se dieron la mano.
Vosotros os disteis la mano.
to have fun with each other

They/we/y'all had fun with each other.

e->ie stemchanger (second e changes to ie in present tense to make a boot verb)

second e changes to i in the ellos conjugation of the preterite

Ellos se divirtieron.
Nosotros nos divertimos. (no change)
Vosotros os divertisteis. (no change).
to laugh at each other

They/we/y'all laughed at each other.
reírse (e-i) The e and i switch places (making a boot verb)

Nosotros nos reímos.
Ellos se rieron.
Vosotros os reísteis.
to smile at each other

we/They/y'all smiled at each other.
sonreírse The e and i switch places (making a boot verb)

Nosotros nos sonreímos.
Ellos se sonrieron.
Vosotros os sonreísteis.
to get along well with each other

we/They/y'all got along well with each other.
llevarse bien

Nosotros nos llevamos bien.
Ellos se llevaron bien.
Vosotros os llevasteis bien.
to get along badly with each other

we/They/y'all got along badly with each other.
llevarse mal

Nosotros nos llevamos mal.
Ellos se llevaron mal.
Vosotros os llevasteis mal.
to fight with each other

we/They/y'all fought with each other.

Nosotros nos peleamos.
Ellos se pelearon.
Vosotros os peleasteis.
to yell at each other

we/They/y'all yelled at each other.

Nosotros nos gritamos.
Ellos se gritaron.
Vosotros os gritasteis.
to write to each other

They/we/y'all wrote to each other.

Ellos se escribieron.
Nosotros nos escribimos.
Vosotros os escribisteis.
to help each other

We/ y'all / they helped each other.

Nosotros nos ayudamos.
Vosotros os ayudasteis.
Ellos se ayudaron.
to look at each other

we/y'all/they looked at each other.

Nosotros nos miramos.
Vosotros os mirasteis.
Ellos se miraron.
to see each other

we/y'all/they saw each other.

Nosotros nos vimos.
Vosotros os visteis.
Ellos se vieron.
To meet (for some time)

They/we/y'all met.
reunirse (u has accent in present tense only)

Ellos se reunieron.
Nosotros nos reunimos.
Vosotros os reunisteis.
To communicate with each other.

They/we/y'all communicated.

Ellos se comunicaron.
Nosotros nos comunicamos.
Vosotros os comunicasteis.