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A set of principles or values by which an individual guides his or her won behavior and judges that of others
The power of the state to pass laws, within lawful limits, that promote the order, safety, health, morals and general welfare of it citizens
police power
Bad Boys Bad Boys
Someone licensed by the Department of Real Estate, holding either a broker or salesperson license, who negotiates sales for other people
Real Estate Agent
what I want to be
Someone holding a broker license and permitted by law to employ those holding a salesperson license, who may negotiate sales for other people
Real Estate Broker
my boss
The law that affects the licensing and conduct of the real estate agents
real estate law
self named
Someone holding a salesperson license who must be employed by a real estate broker, for pay, to perform any of the activities of real estate broker
real estate sales person
same as agent
Recall and make void
take away
Temporarily make ineffective
A voluntary nonprofit organization of independent and competing business units engaged in the same industry or trade, formed to help solve industry problems, promote progress and enhance service
Trade Organization
Those rights, privileges and improvements that belong to and pass with the transfer of real property but are not necessarily part of the actual property
A survey line running east and west, used as a reference when mapping land
Base Line
A written agreement used to transfer ownership in personal property
Bill of Sale
An ownership concept describing all the legal rights that attach to the ownership of the real property
Bundle of Rights
personal property
An item of personal property which is connected to real estate; for example, a lease
Chattel Real