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Outdoor furniture set in concrete is considered?
real property
Improvements made to real property become part of the real property because of
The best determinant of whether an item is real or personal property is?
the intent of the parties
To transfer ownership of personal property, which document should be used?
Bill of Sale
The most important factor in determining whether an item has become a fixture is?
agreement of the parties
A cultivated crop, not yet harvested, should be carefully noted on a listing agreement because?
emblements belong to the person who plants and cultivates them
A farm, consisting of 160 acres of cultivated land, is sold. Wheich of the following requires an expressed agreement, in addition to the deed, in order to transfer ownership?
Cultivated Crops
Easements, rights of way, and condominium parking stalls are examples of?
When there are two valid property descriptions of a piece of real property, which description is used?
any description that adequately describes and distinguishes the property will apply.
The most accurate way to uniquely locate and bound a parcel of real property is to use?
a full legal description
When would a metes and bounds survey be preferred?
to describe irregularly shaped parcels
A metes and bounds survey begins at the point of beginning and ends at the?
point of beginning
The primary purpose of benchmarks is to indicate?
altitude and elevation
Correction lines, which occur at intervals in the rectagular survey system, are necessary why?
because of the curvature of the earth
What is the size of a section?
640 acres
Within any given township, section 18 can be found?
west of section 17
A parcel of land contains 1,020 square yards. The front foot measurement is 80'. How deep is the parcel?
A parcel of land measuring 1,320' x 660' would contain how much land?
20 acres
If Mr. Howard paid @2,500 per acre for the W 1/2 of the SE 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of section 10, how much did he pay?
How many acres does a parcel of land 660' by 660' contain?
10 acres
the number of feet of wire required to enclose 1/4 of 1/4 of a section of land with two strands of wire is?
What will always involve a plat?
Lot and Block system
Most subdivision plats make use of which type of land description?
Lot and block
Property taxes are characteristic of the?
allodial system of land ownership
The power of governments to appropriate private property for the public welfare is known as?
eminent domain
By what action does the government take property for public use?
By what power do government bodies enforce zoning?
Police power
The government receives the authority to take the property of on who dies without a will and without heirs by virtue of?
A woman who lived in a retirement home and had no relatives, told her friend that she wanted her to have all her property after she died, however she never made a will. Upon her death, her estate would?
escheat to the state
The greatest estate of ownership in real property is?
a fee simple estate
Which estate is the most complete estate to own?
fee simple estate
An encumbrance which becomes a lien on real property could be created by?
special assessments
Termination of an easement appurtenant may be accomplished when?
when the purpose of easement no longer exists.
An easemtne appurtenant may be accomplished when?
when the purpose of the easement no longer exists.
An easement appurtenant may be terminated by?
merger of the dominant and servient estates
What runs with the land?
an easement
Alice has an easement over Betty's adjoining property. Alice sells her property to Martha. The easement will?
run with the land and will pass to Martha automatically
Developers avoid land locked properties by creating an easement by?
An easement by prescription may be created by?
continuous use
A woman allowed her neighbor to drive over her property to get to his own. The womand my have given her neighbor?
a right of way
A power company wants to lay a service line across customer properties nad must acuqire and irrevocable right to do so. This right would be called?
an easement in gross
After purchasing a property, the buyers found a neighbor's fence was two feet inside of thier property lin. If descussion fails to resolve the problem, the buyers should consider filing suit against the?
neighbor to remove the encroachment
Deed restrictions are examples of?
private control of land
a judgement, when properly recorded, becomes?
an involuntary lien
Mrs. Coffee has a life estate for the duration of her own life. What can she do with it?
sell the mineral rights