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A column of land six miles wide, determined by a government survey, running in a north-south direction, lying east or west of a principal meridan.
Personal property that has become permanently attached to the land or improvements that are legally treated as real property.
Personal property used in a business, attached to the property, but removable by the tenant.
Trade Fixtures
A structure of two or more units where the interior airspace of each unit is individually owned; the balance of land and improvements is owned in common by all the owners.
Imaginary north-south lines used in U.S. government surveys.
Meridan Lines
Property tha is movable and not real property.
Personal Property
A written instrument that passes title of personal property from vendor (seller) to the vendee (buyer)
Bill of Sale
An amount,usually a percentage, paid to a brooker as compensation for their services.
A legal description of land, setting forth all the boudary lines with their termainal points and angles.
Metes and Bounds
All of the legal rights relevant to ownership of property including rights of use, possession, encumbering, and disposition.
Bundle of Rights
In the survey of public lands, a territorial subdivision six miles long, six miles wide and containing 36 sections, each one square mile.
Land, improvements, items permanetly attached to the land, appurtenances and that which is immovable by law.
Real Property
A personal property interest in real property; an old term meaning personal property.
Chattel of Chattel Real
An area of land equaling 43,560 square feet, or a tract about 208.71 feet square.
The right of a landowner, whose land borders a stream or waterway, to use and enjoy the water, provided such use does not injure the rights of other owners.
Riparian Rights