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The reverting of private property to the state when there are no valid heirs
Joint Tenancy
Undivided ownership of a property interest by two or more persons, each of whom has a right to an equal share in the interest and a right of survivorship
Condition Precedent
An event that must happen before title is passed
preceding title
Constructive Notice
Documents filed with the County Recorder in such a way as are considered open notice to the world
The intentional and voluntary relinquishment of any ownership interest(such as an easement) or possession of real property
Condition Subsequent
A condition attached to an estate whereby the estate is defeated or changed through the failure or non-performance of the condition
Intestate Succession
A process of law by which the state lays out the correct succession of inheritance when a person dies without leaving a valid will
An estate that reverts back to the grantor after the life of the tenant expires
The court procedure of proving that a will is valid
Adverse Possession
A method of acquiring title to real property, through possession of the property for a statutory period under certain conditions, by a person other than the owner
An estate that is transferred to a third party(anyone other than the grantor) upon the death of the life estate holder
Life Estate
An estate or interest in real property that is held for the duration of the life of some certain person. It may be the person holding the title to the estate or some other person
...occurs when an owner acquires title to additional land by natural causes, that is, additions to the property by natural growth.