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Federal Fair Housing Laws Prohibits what
Fair Housing -
list (9)
Family Status - 1988
Religion - 1968
Sex - 1974
Handicapped - 1988
Color - 1968
Race - 1866 Civil Rights Act - US Constitution
National Origin
1866 Civil Rights Act was affirmed in 1968 by U.S. Supreme Court in what case
Jones v. Mayer Case

There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this Act.
What is also covered in the 1866 Civil Rights Act
Drug and alcohol addictions for those who have participated in rehab and are clean
What is it called when sending buyers to particular areas on basis of race, religion or other protected classes
Steering / Channeling
Inducing owners to sell based on reprensentations of entry of minorities to an area is called
Violations of federal fair housing laws can bring either
Civil OR Criminal Charges
Remedies for Acts of Discrimination are
File a complaint in State Court - go directly to U.S. Disctrict Court - request the US Attorney General / State Attorney file a suit on your behalf
An Administrative Remedy for Acts of Discrimination are (impt to know)
File with the Dept. of Secretary of HUD / State Human Rights Commission. 1 Year Statute of Limitations w/ complaint - 2 yrs. if filed with court