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At the center of nearly all real estate transaction is some kind of?
Where did early societies use security for debts?
The concept of the gage used by early German lenders was?
A deposit made in promise of the fulfillment of an agreement.
In medieval England, the basis for prohibiting charging interst for money loaned was throught to be?
Natural Law
Early in the growth of the US a lack of ________ prevented the mortgage lending business from becoming an important part of the economy.
Cash deposited as savings.
In the early part of the 19th Century, who was allowed by law to print money?
Almost anyone, including states, private banks, and individuals.
In the mid 19th Century, what was the common loan to value ratio used by lenders in the Midwestern US?
A non-amortizing loan is a loan?
where none of the principal is included in the payments.
Disintermediation refers to?
withdrawal of money from savings accounts
What does a lender do tooffer forbearance on a loan? He or she:
allows borrowers to temporarily stop making mortgage payments.
what is your name