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ad valorem taxes
property taxes that are based on the market value of the property
affordable housing allocation
a requirement that encourages or mandates a 'reasonable and fair' component of new housing construction for lower income families
assessed value
the value determined as the basis on which an owner's property tax liability is calculated, usually a percentage of market value
comprehensive plan
a local government's general guide to a community's growth and development based on the community's goals and objectives
the requirement that public facilities and services, includeing roads, sewers, and schools, be available at the same time new development is completed.
the legal procedure involved with eminent domain, the right of gov to acquire private propert, without the owner's consent, for public use in exchange for just compensation
dedicated (property)
to convey certain lands of a subdivision to the local government
economic and environmental impact statements
studies of the effect that a new development will have on the economy or the environment of the region
effective tax rate
the tax liability divided by the property's market value
eminent domain
the power of government in the us to take private property for a public purpose by paying the owner just compensation
exclusionary zoning
zoning that tends to exclude lower income groups and is prohibited
the unaccounted effects that a land use imposes on surrounding parcels
extraterritorial jurisdiction
control by a community of an area larger than the community of jurisdiction for planning and zoning purposes, granted by the state legislature, which allows local governments to plan and control urban development outside their boundaries until annexation can occur
growth moratorium
a temporary prohibition of further development in a community or jurisdiction
homestead exemption
a provisionin some states that allows specified taxpayers to apply for a deduction of a certain amount from the property's assessed value in calculating the annual property tax liability