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RE includes land plus improvements which include
rights, privileges and fixtures
Land includes
surface rights, air rights and Subsurface rights, including mineral rights
Items affixed to the land w/ the intent of being permanent are called; ex. house, garage, fance
Fixtures are items attached by any of the following:
Attachment or Annexation, Adaptation or Agreement
What are Emblements
Emblements (crops) & trade fixtures are
Personal Property
Emblements are annually cultivated crops that belong to
the party who rightfully planted the seed
Tenant-installed additions to a property for use in a trade or business are called
Trade Fixtures
Personal Property is also called
Everything that is NOT real estate and can be transferred by bill of sale is
Personal Property
Physical Characteristics of Land are
Immobile, Indestructible and Unique (nonhomogeneous)
Economic Characteristics of Land are
Scarcity, Improvments, Permanence of Investment and Area preference (situs)
Linear mesurements, directions and degrees / Beg. and ending point / measure clockwise is what type of legal description
Metes and Bounds
Rural; W of Mississippi / Township, sections is what type of legal description
Rectangular survey / government survey
Township - 6 miles square is how many square miles
Each township contains how many sections
36 sections
A section equals how many acres
640 acres
An acre is how many square feet
43,560 sf
Urban/residential (lot, block, subdivision) is a
recorded plat
Ex. of an informal reference / not a legal description is
A street address
Who pays is negotiable / it reveals encroachments or zoning violation is a