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What is a piece of writing published in a newspaper or magazine?
What is a booklet usually with pictures, that gives information about a product or service?
What is additional information that supports the main point?
What is prejudiced, or favoring one person or point of view more than another?
What is an article or a statement that reflects the opinion of the writer?
What is a particular way of looking at a situation?
What is a plan or an idea?
What are facts or information expressed as a number or percentage?
What is itf you tell in writing or verbally what you believe?
What is real?
Who is someone who buys and uses products?
a consumer
What is a newspaper or magazine article that deals with a particular subject?
a feature article
What is a picture ion a bookd, magazinee, or an example?
an illustration
What is a diary in which you regularly write down your thoughts, ideas, or experiences?
a journal
What is a book of instructions that tells you how to do something?
a manual
What is a short written reminder or a short letter written to people who work in the same office or organization?
a memo
What is something that is useful, sensible or shows good judgment, or has to do with experience or practice?
What are instructions for preparing or doing something?
a recipe
What is a series or collection of things that follow in a regular or fixed order?
a sequence
What is a written promise or guarantee that product will work or do what it is supposed to do?
a warranty