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Peer Influence
Most likely affects student's attitudes towards reading
Prior Knowledge - Readers bring more information to the reading process in the form of knowledge.
Top Down Reading most affected by _________
Predict and Confirm the function of a Word - In decoding, context clues help a reader determine the function of a word.
Context clues are most helpful to a student to ______ and ________ the function of a word.
Adjust Reading Strategies for different purposes - Metacognition involes being aware of and regulating processes during reading.
Metacognition most likelt enables a reader to__________
Divide words into prefizes, roots, and suffixs
An appropriate strategy for teaching structual analysis skills would be to have students
Tu use semantic and syntactic clues to identify missing words.
The close procedure provides an indication of a student's ability
Identify an unstated main idea - requires a student to apply inferential comprehension skills
A teacher would be most likelt to improve students' inferential comprehension skills by helping them to
Engage the students in a conversation about the material
One of the most affect ways to assess a students' content area reading comprehension is
Previewing the chapters subtitles, visual aids, and study questions
A student can obtaina quick overview of a chapter by
Group the students according to their skill weaknesses and provide remediation
In a reading class several students are having problems with a variety of skills, the teacher should
Provide high-interest, low vocabulary trade books
One of the best ways to motivate a secondary students who reads on a sixth grade level
Quality of Illustrations
Caldecott awards address_____
The student performed better than 70% of the students.
A student who receives a rank of 70 on the Woodcock Reading Mastery test shows_______
a specific type of phonological awareness that deals with separate phonemes
Marilyn Jager Adams
Theorist in early reading who has identified five tasks for phonemic awareness
Oddity Task
Recognize which sound is odd in a series of like sounds