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A synonym is....
a word that means the same or has almost the same meaning
An antonymn means.....
opposite of
A simile compares two unlike things. Similes are introduced by the words.... like or as.
A. I felt like a limp dishrag.
B. This class is like a three-ring circus.
C. His feet were as big as boats.
A metaphor compares two unlike things. It does NOT use the words.. like or as.
Some verbs used in metaphors to compare two unlike things...
is, was, were, am, are...
A. The pillow was a cloud for my head after a long day.
B. The fluorescent light was the sun during the test.
C. The bar of soap was a slippery eel during the baby's bath.
Personification is a literary term in which human qualities are given to non-human objects, animals, or ideas.
A. The wind whistled by me while I was mowing the grass.
B. The sun smiled warmly as I sunbathed outside.
C. The wooden floor creaked loudly when I tried to sneak outside.
Foreshadowing is a literary term found in a piece of writing that gives a hint of what is to come in a story. This is often used to keep the audience or reader expecting something to happen.
Example from, The Reptile Room, by Lemony Snicket:
The snake opens its mouth and bites Sunny right on the cheek. Sunny survives; it is Uncle Monty, unfortunately, who will be dead..but not yet.
Alliteration is a literary term in which a beginning sound is repeated in two or more words.
A. Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.
B. Now old desire doth in his deathbed lie.
An oxymoron is a literary term in which two opposite words are said or written for the purpose of making a point.
A. jumbo shrimp
B. honest villain
C. evil saint
How can the author's point be clarified?
Clarified means to.....
make clearer, make plain and simple, make understandable, shed light on, bring to light
What is the most effective way to combine these two sentences? To combine means to.....
join, unite, bring together, merge, consolidate
How does this new information affect the character? Affect means....
influence, change, relate to, alter
The author uses imagery to give the reader a.....
mental picture (picture in your mind)
likeness, representation, literary comparisons (similes, metaphors)
The underlying message of this poster...
Underlying means...
hidden meaning (underlying meaning)
concealed (you have to figure out what the author is trying to tell you)
In the excerpt from Jurassic Park...
Excerpt means..
passage, selection, section, part, piece, quoted passage
Which of the two boys was more resourceful? Resourceful means
creative, inventive, imaginative, skillful, bright
Jeff's tone towards his teacher was...
Tone means
attitude, mood, temper, means of expression
Support the idea that.....
Support means
back up with information/facts, stand up for, defend, confirm, back up, reinforce, go along with
The author sympathizes with the boy's situation......
Sympathizes means
feels sorry, feels pity for, shows compassion, sorrow, mourns for....
This white dove in this passage symbolizes.....
Symbolizes means
stands for, means, represents, personifies
What does paragraph 12 reveal?
Reveal means
make known, give information, point out, show
What generalizations can be made about this situation? Generalization means
forming an opinion, inference, conclusion, a sweeping statement
What situation has caused the character to change his ways?
Situation means
problem, dilemma, circumstances, obstacle, predicament, crisis, difficulty
24. IRONIC/IRONY means double meaning (you say one thing but deep down you mean something else.)
unexpected, didn't turn out the way it was supposed to, not sincere, surprising, mocking,
A. It's ironic how you bought a car but don't know how to drive.
B. If someone says, "Beautiful weather, isn't it?" (and it's raining outside)
27. How does the author suggest that ..
SUGGEST means...
hint at, recommend, urge, advise, imply, give a clue, propose, lead one to believe
31. The author uses flashback at the beginning of the story, to let the reader understand that...
an interruption in a soap opera, movie, story where the character thinks back to something that happened earlier in his/her life.
28. This article is intended to/ presents the idea that....
INTENDED means...
PRESENTS means...
INTENDED -planned to, expected to, have as a goal..

PRESENTS- gives, offers, shows, makes known
Support your answer with evidence from the story....
proof, facts, testimony
23. Amy Tan, the author, might have reacted differently if she had understood.....
Reacted means
behaved, acted properly, controlled herself, had a different attitude, responded another way, acted correctly
29. From the passage, the reader can conclude that...
CONCLUDE means...
determine, decide, to judge, infer, summarize, come to a decision that, come to a conclusion that
25. expresses the mother's feelings of regret.
REGRET means...
to be sorry for, be ashamed of, cry over something, have second thoughts about, be disappointed, heartache
26. In this excerpt, what is the intended function of mechanical toys?
FUNCTION means....
what it's supposed to do, purpose of, means of operation (how something works), duty, job, role, task
30. A conflict seen in this passage..
CONFLICT means...
disagreement, struggle,
character vs another character
character vs mother nature
character vs himself