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Could this story have really happened? Why?
Was this story fact or fantasy?
What does__________ mean?
( word from the story)
Who or what was the main character?
Predict what would happen if the main character could not talk!
If the main character came to your house, what would he/she do?
What was the setting of the story? (where and whern)
Where did the story take place?
What was the solution to the main problem in the story?
What is the main problem in the story?
What is this story mainly about?
Think of another title for the story.
How many characters were in the story?
Tell me something that happened in the middle of the story.
How did one of the characters solve a problem in the story?
tell me one new word you read in this story.
What character would make a good friend? Why?
Make up one question about the story you just read.
What was your favorite part of the story you just read?
Did your enjoy the story? why?
What would have happened if the main character had acted exactly the opposite?
How is the main character different from you?
What was the msot exciting part of the story?
What other ending can you think of for this story?
What words did the author use to describe the main character?
What is an antonym for ___________.
(word from story)
What would yo do if you werer the character?
Describe the personality of one of the characters in your story.
How did the story begin?
Tell me the main events in the story.
Who is the most improtant person in your story? Why?
What happened at the end of the story?
If you had written this story, what part would you have written differnetly?
This story had a happy ending. should all stories end happily? Why or why not?
If you had enough money, what object, thing, or place in the story would you like to buy?
Make up a story to continue the one you just read.
What is a synonym for _______________.
(word from story)
When did the story take place?
What are three facts about one of the characters in the story?
Tell me somethin g that happened in the beginning of the story.