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something subtracted from a total
mean what
what is the meaning of
(de) and ( duct )
de = away
duct = lead
can you used debuction is a sentence?
The monthly deduction in Wallace's paycheck covered his health insurance.

As a salesperson,Pat got a debuction on clothing from the Gap.a conclusion drawn from evidence.
what are the related words to deduction?
deductive and deduce
depressed; downcast
mean what ?
what is the meaning of
( de ) and ( ject )
de = down
ject= throw
can you used dejected in a sentence ?
Albert was deject after he failed the exam for his driver's license
dejection is the related word to what?
to force to leave,to expel

meaning what?
what is the meaning of (ad)?
what is the meaning of (duct)
and what is the mean of abduction?

ad = away

duct = lead

abduction = kidnapping
can you use abduction is a sentence ?
The abduction of children is a serious problem in the United States.

Related Word
abduct = The extremist group abducted people and held them for ransom.
contributing to : leading to
mean what ?
what is the meaning of

(con) and (duc)
con = together

duc = lead
can you used conducive is a sentence?
A quiet library is conducive to studying.

Candlelight and soft music are conducive to romance.