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Correctly identifying letters or words
Advanced Organize
A technique in which brief written text (in the form of ideas or facts or
A syllable or group of syllables (i.e., prefixes, such as anti- or post-, and suffixes, such as -ly or -ment) which, when added to a word or a root, alter the meaning of the word.
Alphabetic Principle
Alphabetic Principle The assumption underlying alphabetic writing systems that each sound or phoneme of a language should have its own distinctive graphic representation
Analytic Phonics
A whole-to-part approach to word study in which the student is first taught a number of sight words and then relevant phonetic generalizations, which are subsequently applied to other words; deductive phonics
Anticipation Guide
These guides allow individual students to reflect on and express their opinions in relation to written statements about what they are reading that challenge or confirm their beliefs. When students give an initial response, they can discuss their responses in small groups. Then those groups can meet together so that students can have the benefit of the collective background knowledge of the larger group.
The act or process of gathering data in order to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of student learning, as by observation, testing, interviews, etc
Auditory Blending
The ability to fuse discrete phonemes into recognizable words.
Auditory-Visual Integration
The association of sound and sight, as phoneme-grapheme associations.
Auditory Processing
The full range of mental activity involved in reacting to environmental stimuli, especially sounds, and in considering their meanings in relation to past experience and to their future use.
Author's Chair
This strategy provides a way for readers to share with each other the excitement of a particular moment in relation to a book or to their own writing. The student in the author's chair reads aloud a selected piece of text or a piece of their own writing. Peers then have an opportunity to respond to what is read aloud.
Background Knowledge Assessments
Tools or strategies designed to assess a student's background knowledge, experiences or expertise about content, story knowledge, or other areas of study.
Basal Reading Program
- A collection of student texts and workbooks, teacher's manuals, and supplemental materials for development of reading and sometimes writing instruction, used chiefly in the elementary and middle school grades.
Specific learning goals or achievement performances that schools and districts identify in order to guide the growth and progress of student learning
Base Word
A word to which affixes may be added to create related words, as teach in reteach or teaching