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That's Great!
To je bezca/to je fajn!
That's true.
To je pravda.
That's fun
To je legrace.
That's a surprise.
To je překvapení
That's a pity/shame.
To je škoda.
That's a joke
To je vtip.
That's a mistake.
To je chyba.
That's it!
To je ono!
That's a conincidence.
To je náhoda.
That's ok.
to je v pořádku.
It's all the same
To je jedno.
That's boring
To je nuda.
That's chaos
To je chaos.
That's a mess.
To je zmatek.
That's nonsense.
To je nesmysl.
That's an error.
To je omyl.
That's my business
To je moje věc.