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resistance vessels of kidney
afferent & efferent
interlobar (16%)
capillaries of kidney
-high pressure
-60 mmHg

-low pressure
-20 mmHg
-capsule creates outward hydrostatic pressure
-oncotic pressure supports resoption
Types of cells in the kidney
-on afferents
-secrete renin

-respond to hormones

Macula Densa (TG Feedback)
-maintain filtration rate regardless of systemic
-sense filtrate concentration
-contract/relax afferents
-signal for release of renin
function of vasa recta
surround juxtamedullary loops
create concentration grad in medulla
(10% nephrons are JM)
Regulation of renal blood flow
-Myogenic tone
-Tubuloglomerular feedback

-RAS (AT II, Aldost)
-Hormones (ADH, ALdost, Endothelin, PGs, NO, ANP)
Myogenic tone
-response to stretch
-buffer from systemic changes
-stretch then Ca rls
Tubuloglomerluar (TG) feedback
-macula densa in distal tubule
-sense decreased filtrate (NaCl)
-signal for decreased tone in affs
-signal for release renin
increase sensitivity of TG feedback
-volume contraction
decrease sensitivity of TG feedback
-volume expansion
-high-protein diet
sympathetic regulation of renal blood flow
alpha 1 R's
-constrict renal bv's
-via PLC
-decreases renal BF

beta 1 R's
-renin secretion
-via cAMP
-inhibited by high Ca
-augmented by low Ca
renin secretion
-cAMP from beta 1 R's on JG's
-low Na at macula densa
-fall in stretch, shear

-inhibited by high IC Ca
(eg from stretch)
production of AT II
renin release
cleaves angiotensinogen (from liver)
AT I not active
ACE in endos (mostly lung)
cleaves to AT II
actions of AT II
-stim rls aldosterone
-stim vasoconstriction
-stim rls ADH

INCREASES ECF VOLUME (thirst, Na & water reten, vasoconstrict)
affect of AT II at heart
constrict arteries via AT 1 R's (ARB's)
affect of AT II on NS
-increase epi/NE rls at PNS & CNS
-stim ADH secretion
effect of ET 1 binding ETA
constrict cortical arteries
effect of ET 1 binding ETB
inhibit Na reabsorption at DT
dilate medullary arterioles
Loss of ETB Rs causes...
Na retention
loss of ETA Rs causes...
lower BP & increased renal flow
affect of PGs on kidney
none if healthy

surgery or High AT II levels
(volume or Na depletion)
PG induces vasodilation

COX inhibitors cause dramatic renal function