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What are the two categories that epithelial tissue is divided into?

What is the function of epithelial tissue?
what are the four different types of simple epithelial tissue and describe them.
simple Squamous - stretched
Simple cuboidal
Simple colomnar
simple cilliated colomnar
what is compound epithelial tissue?
Epithelial tissue with several layers of cells
Name one place transitional epithelium is found and what is its function
its found in the bladder and stretches when full, its special as it returns to its original shape when relaxed
What are glands and what are the two categories of them?
Glands are epithelial tissue that have a secretory area and a method of transporting the secretion to a desired site.
they can be divided into:
unicellular glands & multicellular glands
what are exocrine glands
exocrine are glands with ducts, they secrete a substance directly onto a site
what is a gland with no gland called and give an example
Endocrine gland
eg hormones
what are the 3 varieties of fibres and describe them
collagen - very strong, good tensile strength white in colour
elastic - very stretchy, yellow in colour
reticular - very fine fibres, found in blood organs
what is andipose tissue?
it is fatty tissue