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Emphasis examples: Def
Au: importance

Example: Remarkable, (more/most) important, compelling, substantial, even more than
Opinion Examples:
Au: reveals opinion of stuff

Examples: Believed by, thought to be, asserts, some maintain, argues that, according to, As X sees it
Au: vs.

Example: But, despite, yet, although, however, while, even so, nevertheless, whereas, on the other hand, conversely, instead
Logic: Evidence
Because, Since, This clear from
Logic: Conclusion
Thus, clearly, as a result, and so
Logic: Illustration
":", In contrast to, for example
Timing/ Temporal
Since, until recently, recent developments, in the past, historically, traditionally
Sequence/ Numerical
"x number" of possibilities, there are "x number" of reasons, "Critic/opinion" describes a fourfold structure
";" , In addition, also, as well, similarly, likewise
Author's POV: Negative
Doubtful, unconvincing, unlikely, danger, harmful
Author's POV: Positive
Cogent, compelling, Promising
Author's POV: Uncertainty/Qualification
Seems, Appears, Mysterious