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PCV (%) = ??
PCV (%) = (MCV x RBC)/10
Increased MCV (aka macrocytosis) = ?
Inc MCV = regenerative anemia or myoproliferative dz
decreased MCV (aka microcytosis) = ?
iron deficiency
Regenerative Anemia
Reticulocytes = 60,000+
note: any retics = regen in Cattle, Horses don't have retics, Cats only count if aggregates
Regenerative anemias
Blood loss (hemorrhage): usually macrocytic
acute blood loss causes what on CBC?
regenerative anemia, hypoproteinemia
chronic blood loss causes what on cbc?
decreased MCV (d/t depleted iron stores), often hypoproteinemic and regenerative
Anemia d/t blood destruction (ie hemolytic anemia): CBC?
Dec RBCs, NORMAL T. PROT, +/- hemoglobinemia, +/-hyperbilirubinemia
Causes of anemia d/t blood destruction?
Parasites (of rbcs)
HB anemia
Red maple toxicity in horses
Zinc toxicosis
Causes of non-regenerative anemia?
RENAL DZ: insufficient EPO**, uremic toxins, xs PTH, hypocalcemia, bleeding
ENDOCRINOPATHY: hypothyroid, Addison's
What do spherocytes indicate?
IMHA, rbc parasites, IM-mismatched blood transfusion
What do heinz bodies indicate?
DISEASE: lymphoma, hyperthyroid, diabetes
TOXIN: tylenol, propylene glycol (Fel), phenothiazine (Eq, Ov), cephalosporin (K9), onions (K9), red maple (Eq)
associated diseases?
what causes basophillic stippling?
lead poisoning
(Note: normal w/ regenerative anemia in ruminants)
what is relative polycythemia?
"increased" PCV d/t reduction of plasma volume = increased T.Protein
CAUSES: hemoconcentration d/t dehydration or fluid shifts, recent exercise (eq), excitement
what is absolute polycythemia?
True increase in RBC mass d/t inc EPO by kidney, altitude, heart/lung disease, BM malfxn (rare)
What causes schistocytes?
OXIDATIVE INJURY: Iron deficiency anemia
What causes nRBCs?
regenerative anemia, decreased splenic fxn, lead poisoning
What causes hypochromasia?
Iron deficiency, chronic blood loss, portocaval shunts in some breeds
What causes echinocytes?
rattlesnake evenomation, LSA, renal dz, exercise (Eq)
What is aplastic anemia?
What causes it?
Bone marrow depopulation and pancytopenia.
CZS: Ehrlichia, FeLV, Estrogen toxicity, drugs (chemo, phenylbutazone in dogs)