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names of the RBC maturation in both terms:
Peanut Butter Pop
Pronormoblast, Rubriblast
Basophilic normoblast, Prorubricyte
polychromatic normoblast, Rubricyte
orthochromic normoblast, Metarubricyte
polychromatic erythrocyte (diffusely basophilic erythrocyte)
what is the last stage of RBC mat capable of division?

Polychromatic normiblast, aka, the RUBRICYTE.
what is the life span of a RBC?
120 days
how many rbcs are senescent per day?
what 3defects can occur in RBC maturation?
-Cytoplasm - extra division of the cell can result in not enough cytoplasm for each daughter.. microcytosis.

-Nucleus - nucleas/cytoplasm develop sposed to be in synch, if nucleus doesn't divide enough, there'll be too much cytoplasm.
-Membrane/genetic - poikilocytosis
what is the retic count good for?
it is a very sensitive measure of erythropoietic activity in the bone marrow.
what are the two types of retics seen in a retic count?
-shift retics
-stress retics
what type of stain is used for retic counts?

supravital: New Methylene blue

alternate: brilliant cresol
What are the hematopoeitic progenitor cells in RBC maturation?
-pluripotent stem cell of course - CD34
-BFU-E - burst forming for 1000 copies
-CFU-E - colony forming
what is the role of erythropoietin in RBC maturation? (3 jobs)
1. responds to hypoxia in kidney tissue
2. stimulates proliferation of RBC precursors - BFU-e and CFU-e
3. acts on release
how does erythropoeitin influence the CFU-E cell?
promotes DNA/RNA synthesis for division
helps Iron transfer to the RBCs for hemoglobin production.
What are the hematopoietic progenitors for megakaryocytes?
-pluripotent stem cell
what hormone is responsible for mat/release of megakaryocytes?
what are the names of the maturing megakaryocytes after the progenitors?
Do Megakaryocytes get bigger or smaller?
How does the nucleus develop in megakaryocytes?
blast - 1 single round nucleus
promega - multilobed
megakaryocyte - POLYploid!
then platelets, with no nucleus
what does "endomitosis' mean, and what megakaryocyte mat phase is it seen in?
division of nucleus, but not the cell. the megakaryoblast.
Which phases have:
-1-4 nucleoli
-indistinct nucleoli
how do granules develop in the maturing megakaryocyte?
none in first cell,
some red granules in promeg
numerous aggregated in meg!
how many platelets per megakaryocyte?
2,000 to 4000