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if a device is not powered until after the system is booted, what command can be used to configure those devices?
cfgmgr -v
what shutdown flag brings the system from distributed mode to multiuser mode?
what is alog?
used to maintain and manage log files.
what shutdown flag brings the system down to maintenance level?
what is the typical boot logical volume?
what does the last command do?
displays all the previous logins and logoffs that still have entries in /var/adm/wtmp file
the bootlist -m command specifies which bootlist to display or alter. what are the possible values for the mode variable?
normal, service, and prevboot.
if you wanted to add commands and actions to the shutdown process, what file would you manipulate that is called during the shutdown process?
what are the effective uses of alog?
1. show the contents of a log file.
2. log data to a specified log file.
3. display teh verbosity value of a specified log type.
4. change the attributes of a specified log type.
5. display the current attributes of a specified log type.
what is mpcfg?
enables root user to manage service information.
what is the bootlist used for?
displays and alters the list of boot devices available to the system.
what 3 steps occur when the system is booted?
1. ROS -read only storage kernel init phase. motherboard is checked and the bootlist is found.
2. Base Device Configuration Phase- devices are configured with cfgmgr command.
3. System Boot Phase- logical volumes are varied on, paging started, and /etc/inittab is processed.