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-Most rats are from the brown rat family which originated from Asia

-Female rats can breed as young as six weeks old
-pregnancy can last 21-23 days
-The young can be removed from their mother 4 -5 weeks old
-average litter has 8 but can have 18
-outside pets live in woodpiles, tall grass, cars, appliances, etc., trash and garbage in holes under buildings.
-inside rats live in insulated walls, showers, cubboards and near hot water heaters and furnaces, attics and basements
-They are about 9 - 11 inches long and weight about one pound
-small ears, rough hair and flat nose
-dumbo rats have bigger ears
-come in colors red, grey, brown, creme, black and tricolor
- first 4-5 weeks rats drink mothers milk
- when older need fresh water daily
- eat barley,sunflower seeds, corn and most human foods
-outside rats will eat just about anything
-Domestic rats make great pets
- are very intelligent, social and safe
-You can teach them tricks and love human attention.
-Wild rats live outside and can transmit deseases to other animals and humans. They do not make safe pets