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every sweet bob gets jill get 4, what is that ratio from BOB to JILL?
every 10 cars jack gets, john gets 7, what is the ratio from JOHN to JACK?
every $17 william gets,
Lulu gets $3, what is the ratio from LULU to WILLIAM?
every 10L of petrol jim gets, alice gets 15L, what is the ratio from JIM to ALICE?
10:15 / 2:3
every 50cm of silk rose gets, phoebe get 60cm, what is the ratio from PHOEBE to ROSE?
60:50 / 6:5
harry gets £6, jim gets £9 and alicia £3, what is the ratio from JIM to HARRY to ALICIA?
9:6:3 / 3:2:1
steven has 12L of water and martin has 3L of water, what is the raito from MARTIN to STEVEN?
3:12 / 1:4
ali has 4 army men, max has 12 cars and sarah has 16 barbies, what is the ratio in the order of BARBIES to ARMEY MEN to CARS?