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In what manner is information recordered when preparing a DD form 1348 for requistioning?
by ballpoint pen or typewriter
What form is used to requistion material that is excluded from MILSTRIP?
DD form 1149
What procedures are used for ordering all material from the Navy Supply System, other military installations the defense logistics Agency, the General Services Admin?
Military standard requistioning and issue procedures(MILSTRIP)
How many many days prior to deploymnet is a unit authorized a higher FAD?
90 days
What type of requistion is submitted for a CASREP?
NORS requistion
The green copy of the DD form 1348-6 is distributed to who?
OPTAR record keeper for filing
What copy of the DD form 1348-6 goes to the material outstanding file
pink copy
Waht form is used to requistion material which cannot be identified by an NSN, a NATO stock number or an NICN?
DD form 1348-6
What copies of the DD form 1348-6 are distributed to the ashore supply activity?
original &yellow copy
What do supply or material control officers of avaition activities maintain for issue to pilots making extended flights to assist in obtaining neccessary items?
Flight packets
What form Naval messages will normally be used for documents with what assigned PD?
Priority Degignators 01-08
What is defined as a dual-purpos document for use by afloat activities to requistion NON-NSN/Part Numbered items from Navy supply Sources and to record and report demand/usage data?
NAVSUP form 1250-2
What type of material are not mission capable supply (NMCS) requistions submitted?
Whare are hte following copies of the DD1348-6 distributed? Original, yellow, 2ndwte, and the pink
Original-to the ashore supply activity
yellow-To ashore supply act original
2nd white-Attached to 1250-1 hard copy NAVSUP form 1114 or other doc. to be filed in the HDF
pink-material outstanding file
What form form is used to requistion ships propulsion and aviation fuel, bulk lubs?
DD form 1149
Who consists of the CDT but not limited to?
CO ,XO, CMC, CCC Dept heads DIVO, LCPOS, Dept CC
Who should chair a command CDT at least quarterly?
What is a long term extension?
Extension of 24 months or greater less 6 yr obligation extension
Command level CDB will see 1st enlistment Sailors withing how many days of reporting?
30 days
Whaen shall a CDB be conducted for a sailor who is approaching HYT?
24 months
How long should you retain monthly reports
12 months
What is considers a drill
drills are usally 2 4 hour periods periods per day on a weekend
The president has authority to callup selected reservists for how many days with the authority to extend for how many more days?
The basic guidance for NAvy Occupational Safety and Health(NAVOSH) is contained in which of the following pubs?
What is another term for fundamentals of leadership?
Basic principles of leadership
The pubs that govern the rules and regs of a petty officer actions are?
US Navy regulations Manual for court martial and standard organization and regulations of the US NAvy
What are the qualities of a leader?
Moral courage dedication to the navy enviable example initiative loyalty to the chain of command accountablity
T/F Followeship and leadership are opposites?
What are the 5 groups of human needs? Which one is the most important?
Surival, safety-security, social belonging, esteem and self actualization. surival is the most important
Whaen dealing with people you can not change which of the following human traits?
emotional makeup
What are the 4 "B"s when reporting to superiors?
be on time, be accurate, be brief and be gone
What are some examples of formal written rewards that can be given for outstanding performance?
Command letter of appreciation, command letter of commendation, flag LOA, flag LOC, NAM, SOY etc.
Which is not acceptable sign of appreciation for a job well done?
promising a reward
What type of feed back is given when a job performance standards are not being met?
What are the 4 types of counseling and advising sessions will you be involved with?
Personal, career peformance, disciplinary
What is the most frequently used method instruction?
How long do you have to attend a Navy rights and Responsibilties workshop?
Who is the CTT, command training team
trained personnel to present NR&R workshop
After what inactive period of time must members of the CTT repeat formal training?
24 months
# of Military personnel how many CTT members?
What info does the record sheet for the tag out log contain?
record of the numbers of the tags, the person hanging the tags and the persons checking the tag
How often are audits on the tag out system done?
every 2 weeks
When working with solvents which of the following actions should you take?
check the labels on all containers of liquid
What is MOPP level I?
MOPP level II?
MOPP level III?
MOPP level IV?
suspected CBR attack
what does MOPP stand for?
Misssion oriented protective posture
Readiness condition III(wartime steaming) is set during what MOPP level?
What do you put in the first paragraph of a letter?
state the purpose of the letter
What manual covers naval messages, official letters and endorsements etc?
Dept of the Navy Corresponce manual
When you are at sea where is the ships deck log kept?
with the quatermaster of the watch
At times deck logs may used in which situation?
naval courts, admiralty proceedings, civilian courts
In case of a bomb threat what is the key to disarming the situationand avoiding castophe?
What is considered special evolutions?
weapons handling refueling diving operations
Side boys are not posted during which times?
between sunset and 0800