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EssencesA: Changeability with softness, Malleability
SankaranEssenceQ: Feels forsaken
SankaranEssenceA: Pulsatilla
FearsQ: Heights, Robbers, Claustrophobia, Insanity, Dark, Mirrors
FearsA: Pulsatilla
<HC1>CHIRMD%FearsQ: Pulsatilla
FearsA: Claustrophobia, Heights, Insanity, Robbers, Mirrors , Dark (CHIRMD)
DelusionsQ: Baby looks odious
DelusionsA: Pulsatilla
DelusionsQ: Naked man wrapped in bedclothes
DelusionsA: Pulsatilla
DelusionsQ: Naked man in bed
DelusionsA: Pulsatilla (2)
DelusionsQ: Surrounded by strangers
DelusionsA: Pulsatilla (3), Nitric acid
DelusionsQ: People making noise
DelusionsA: Pulsatilla
DelusionsQ: Sees bees
DelusionsA: Pulsatilla
DelusionsQ: Sees black cats
DelusionsA: Belladonna, Pulsatilla
DelusionsQ: Black dogs
DelusionsA: Belladonna (2), Pulsatilla
DelusionsQ: Strikes at visions & holds up cross
DelusionsA: Pulsatilla (2)
DelusionsQ: Women are evil and will injure his soul
DelusionsA: Pulsatilla
SidednessQ: Pulsatilla (Bill Gray)
SidednessA: Right
SleepPosnAns:Abdomen or back with arms over head
HC1>CBS CPI%FoodCravingsQ: Pulsatilla
FoodCravingsA: CREAM (#1), BUTTER, Sweets, CHEESE, Peanut Butter, ICE CREAM (CBS CPI)
FoodAversionsQ: Pulsatilla
FoodAversionsA: FAT (#1), PORK (#1), BUTTER, Warm food
TemperatureQ: PULSATILLA
TemperatureA: Warm
TimeAggA: Twilight or 2 PM
SimilaritiesQ: Argentum Nitricum
SimilaritiesA: Between Phosphorus and Pulsatilla
SimilaritiesQ: Cicuta
SimilaritiesA: Pulsatilla
<HC1>SLC CCC%SimilaritiesQ: Chilly Pulsatilla
SimilaritiesA: Silica, Lac Caninum, Caulocynthis, Cocculus, Cyclamen, Cimicifuga (SLC CCC)
<HC1>KSL FTC%ComplementsQ: Pulsatilla
ComplementsA: Kali Sulphuricum, Silica, Lycopodium, Fluoricum Acidum, Tuberculinum, Calcarea carbonica (KSL FTC)
<HC1>PPT%ComplementsQ: Allium Cepa
ComplementsA: Pulsatilla, Phosphorous, Thuja occidentalis (PPT)
<HC1>PC%ComplementsQ: Kali Sulphuricum
ComplementsA: Pulsatilla, Carbo Vegetabilis (PC)
<HC1>SPIN CLS%ComplementsQ: Lycopodium
ComplementsA: Sulphur, Pulsatilla, Iodum, Nat Mur, Chelidonium, Lachesis, Sepia (SPIN CLS)
<HC1>PC NT%ComplementsQ: Medorrhinum
ComplementsA: Pulsatilla, Cannabis Indica, Nat Sulph, Thuja (PC NT)
<HC1>PABA%ComplementsQ: Mercurius Corrosivus
ComplementsA: Pulsatilla, Arsenicum, Badiaga, Aurum metallicum (PABA)
<HC1>PS FTC%ComplementsQ: Silica
ComplementsA: Pulsatilla, Saniculinum, Fluoricum Acidum, Thuja, Calcarea Carbonica (PS FTC)
<HC1>NAP CAP%ComplementsQ: Sulphur
ComplementsA: Nux vomica, Arsenicum, PULSATILLA, Cyclamen, Aconite, Psorinum (NAP CAP)
<HC1>AP%ComplementsQ: Sulphuric Acid
ComplementsA: Arnica, Pulsatilla (AP)
<HC1>PP CC SS%ComplementsQ: Tuberculinum
ComplementsA: Pulsatilla, Phosphorus, Calcarea carbonica, Conium, Sulphur, Stannum metallicum (PP CC SS)
ContraindicationsQ: Dislike consolation
ContraindicationsA: Pulsatilla
DelusionsQ: Motion of bed and ground
DelusionsA: Clematis
DelusionsQ: Encased in wires
DelusionsA: Cimicifuga (2)
DelusionsQ: Is caught in wires
DelusionsA: Cactus, Cimicifuga
DelusionsQ: Sees dark objects and figures
DelusionsA: Cimicifuga
<HC1>AC%DelusionsQ: Frightened by a running mouse
DelusionsA: Aethusa (2), Cimicifuga(2) (AC)
DelusionsQ: Sees sheep
DelusionsA: Cimicifuga
DelusionsQ: Rats
DelusionsA: Cimicifuga
FearsQ: INSANITY, Death, Murder
FearsA: Cimicifuga
FearsQ: Cimicifuga
FearsA: INSANITY, Death, Murder
EssencesQ: Helleborus
EssencesA: Stupefaction
DelusionsQ: All seems new
DelusionsA: Helleborus, Stramonium
FoodAversionsQ: Helleborus
FoodAversionsA: APPLES (#1), Vegetables
TimeAggQ: Helleborus
TimeAggA: 4-8 PM (Lyc)
EssencesA: Suppression of feeling
SankaranEssenceQ: Honor/Reputation/Self respect, morbidly sensitive
SankaranEssenceA: Staphysagria
DelusionsQ: What he holds in his hands flies away
DelusionsA: Staphysagria (3)
DelusionsQ: That he was going to lose his fortune
DelusionsA: Psorinum, Staphysagria
DelusionsQ: Objects appeared as if something else
DelusionsA: Staphysagria
DelusionsQ: Past anxious thoughts are present
DelusionsA: Staphysagria
DelusionsQ: Wife will run away from him
DelusionsA: Staphysagria
DelusionsQ: Humility & lowness of others while he is great
DelusionsA: Platina, Staphysagria
DelusionsQ: Everything beneath him seems too low down
DelusionsA: Staphysagria
<HC1>MSc%DelusionsQ: Someone walks behind him
DelusionsA: Medorrhinum, Staphysagria (2), Crotalus Cascavella (MSc)
DelusionsQ: Of taste
DelusionsA: Cina, Staphysagria
FearsQ: Heights, Anger, Doctors
FearsA: Staphysagria
<HC1>HAD%FearsQ: Staphysagria
FearsA: Heights, Anger, Doctors (HAD)
FoodCravingsQ: Staphysagria
FoodCravingsA: Sweets, Milk
FoodAversionsQ: Staphysagria
FoodAversionsA: Fat, Milk
SimilaritiesQ: Coffea
SimilaritiesA: Staphysagria
<HC1>CNC%ComplementsQ: Staphysagria
ComplementsA: Causticum, Nux Vomica, Colocynthis (CNC)
ComplementsQ: Causticum
ComplementsA: Colocynthis, Staphysagria
ComplementsQ: Nux Vomica
ComplementsA: Kali Carbonicum, Phosphorus, Sulphur, Sepia, Staphysagria (KP SSS)
ContraindicationsQ: Refreshed after afternoon nap
ContraindicationsA: Staphysagria
EssencesQ: ACONITE
EssencesA: Fear of death
DelusionsQ: Some parts of body are deformed
DelusionsA: Sabadilla, Aconite
DelusionsQ: Driving sheep
DelusionsA: Aconite
DelusionsQ: Face grows larger
DelusionsA: Aconite, Aurum
DelusionsQ: Head seems too large
DelusionsA: Aconite
DelusionsQ: Thinking comes from stomach
DelusionsA: Aconite
<HC1>AA%DelusionsQ: Insists was sleeping while awake
DelusionsA: Alcohol, Aconite (AA)
<HC1>DECC%FearsQ: Death, Earthquake (#1), Claustrophobia (#1), Crowds & more (DECC)
FearsA: Aconite
<HC1>DECC%FearsQ: Aconite
FearsA: Death, Earthquake (#1), Claustrophobia (#1), Crowds & more (DECC)
FoodCravingsQ: Aconite
FoodCravingsA: Fish
FoodAversionsQ: Aconite
FoodAversionsA: Artichokes
TimeAggA: Twilight or Evening
<HC1>SAC%ComplementsQ: Aconite
ComplementsA: Sulphur, Arnica, Coffea (SAC)
<HC1>NAP CAP%ComplementsQ: Sulphur
ComplementsA: Nux vomica, Arsenicum, Psorinum, Cyclamen, ACONITE, Pulsatilla (NAP CAP)^
<HC1>RAS%ComplementsQ: Arnica
ComplementsA: Rhus Tox, Aconite, Sulphuric Acid (RAS)
Miasm&FamilyQ: Acute: Ranunculaceae
Miasm&FamilyA: Aconite
Miasm&FamilyQ: Typhoid: Ranunculaceae
Miasm&FamilyA: Helleborus
Miasm&FamilyQ: Malaria: Ranunculaceae
Miasm&FamilyA: Ranunculus bulbosus
Miasm&FamilyQ: Sycosis: Ranunculaceae
Miasm&FamilyA: Pulsatilla
Miasm&FamilyQ: Cancer: Ranunculaceae
Miasm&FamilyA: Staphysagria
Miasm&FamilyQ: Tubercular: Ranunculaceae
Miasm&FamilyA: Cimicifuga
Miasm&FamilyQ: Leprosy: Ranunculaceae
Miasm&FamilyA: Hydrastis
Miasm&FamilyQ: Syphilitic: Ranunculaceae
Miasm&FamilyA: Clematis erecta