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When measuring canvas to be used as an awning, always deduct
1/2 inch for each linear foot in both lenght and width
Small Craft Warning
38 mph (33knts)
Gale Warning
39 - 54 mph

34 to 47 knts
Storm Warning
55 - 73 mph

48 to 63 knts
74 mph

64 knots
The NSTM for cranes
NTSM 573
Salmon Board
4 * 6 1/2 feet with a 2 * 3 beading
Device that prevents a loss or cargo during loading. Web Netting 15 by 20 ft
General Rules for Dunnage
2 or more layers, 12 inches apart
Vehicle Stowage
fore and aft 4 to 6 inches
Peck and Hale Adjustable Cable
Vehicle Stowage
Amount of fuel for vehicles for amphibious operations
75 % 5-Gallon secured to vehicle
Wire Net Shoring System
holes spaced a few inches apart in angle iron 2 feet apart
Blow Through Signal
Amber in circle
Signal Wands on Station
4 signal wands
3/4 shackle and 7 ton hook - working load 7,000 lbs outboard 10,000 center
How people to tend the inhaul during SAR
6 single 8 double
Shackle on JBAR Davit for SAR
J-Bar Davit Safe working Load
3" NYLON Hoisting Line
20 fathoms
Which of the following pipe calls is made by using the clinched hand position only ?
Call Mates
Which of the following calls is used to pipe a division to quarters ?
Boat Call
Two slurred veer calls
2 side boys
What call is sounded to set taut
Hoist Away
Which end of the casket is the union portion of the national ensign placed over
head over left shoulder
How many pallbearers are required for burial at sea ?
A firing squad for burial at sea plus chief is how many people ?
How many flag bearers ?
Passing Honors for ships and boats
600 yard for ships / 400 yds for boats
During honors 2 short blast means
Attention to Port
Vice Admiral gets how many side boys
How many ruffles and flourishes for the US president ?
How many side boys does a mayor of a city get ?
Which line has the highest amount of abrasion resistance?
Double Braided Polyester
Polypropylene will loose what percent being exposed to sunlight ?
40 % in 3 months
Round turns on capstan
Tattletales are maid of what ?
6 thread
BS of 5 3/8 mooring line
180,000 lbs
What is a reeving line bend ?
half-hitch with the two ends line around the standing part of the other
What bend is used to bend a line to a becket or eye ?
Fishermans Bend
eye in mooring long length
6 to 10 feet
Which hitch is used on logs and spars or rough surface materials
Timber Hitch
Rolling Hitch is used to ?
passing a stopper on a boat fall or mooring line
How many strands for a 6 strand turks head ?
Which of the following is made with consecutive half hitches ?
Cox combing
How is the outboard strand passed in making a square sennit ?
Behind all but two of the other strand and back in front to its originating side
Whats the minimum amount strands that can be used for a Russian sennit ?
Best seizing to use when there will be an unequal strain on two parts of the line ?
Unequal strain on two line ?
Long splice how many times to unlay
How much of the average new line strength does the standard eye splice of double braided line retain ?
How many strands are cut between points R and T
When tucking the cover tail into R where does it come out at ?
Mark 3
Spring lines lead from the pier at what angle
How many wire rope clips for a 1" 6x19 wire.
When lines are used on double bitts, figure eights reduce the rope strength by what percent.
25 %
Variation and deviation are always given as ?
ADD easterly error SUBTRACT westerly error.
Subrtact easterly errors, ADD westerly error
Diameter earth equals
Longitude is measured ?
east and west throughout 180

Meridians of longitude are the great circles.
Lines of constant latitude
or parallels run east-west as circles parallel to equator
What veer is sounded on the pipe for two side boys
Eight side boys
When is the call over the side sounded ?
When visitors are leaving the gangway ?
For time consumption how is the surface of the earth divided ?
24 zone 15 degress
What is the initial time zone called ?
Zero and extends 7 1/2 degress either side of the meridian
How are zones lying in the longitudes east zone zero designated
From 1 to 12.
What is the prime meridian
The international date line
How many degrees are contained in each point of the compass card ?
011 1/4 of degree for a total of 32 points
What light is indicated by 225
The mast head light
What total length does ship have to be to require a second masthead light
50 meters
What degree of the port and starboard side lights
112.5 degress
What degree of the stern light
What are the breakdown and man-overboard lights equipped with ?
15 watt 1-filament
What lights indicate a breakdown
2 red lights in a vertical line
What signal would direct a lifeboat to return to ship
2 red starts
I have recovered man
2 white stars
I have recovered man
2 white stars
What flag is hoisted to give the order to street straight away from ship.
8 screen
What are the two parts of a command
prep and command of execution
Four positions of the BM pipe
Open, curved, closed, clinched
Which position requires least pressure for clear note
The open hand
What position is used to make high notes
What is denoted by full-arrowheads along a line
Full breath pulsation
What is indicated by the absence of an arrow at the end of line
That the ending is sharp
How are intervals or rest makes on a musical scores when writing a call
With a vertical line and the number of seconds is noted above the line
What does heave around piped once mean
What call is sounded to set taut
Stand Bye
What call is equivalent to HO! HEAVE ! HO ! HEAVE ! by voice
How many people in a firing squad with Chief
17 gun salute
Generals and Admirals
Critical Point on double braided nylon
27 %
What is the fid length that you use for a 6 inch circumference rope
21 inch
Eye Splice in new double braided retains
90 %
Stitches required for locking stitch
A spring line leads at what angle from the pier
How many strands would you start with if you where making six strand turks head
When is a flat seizing used
where strain is not to great
Which seizing to use when unequal strain
How many wire rope clips are used on 6 * 19 wire rope
7-fathom mark on lead line
red rag
Where does the wooden toggle go on lead line
2 fathoms
What is the marker for 5 fathoms
white rag
What type of grommet is recommended in synthetic fabrics.
Spur Type
Common Stitch to join two pieces of canvas
round stitch
Flat stitch is used
To mend tears is medium canvas
Which stitch mends tears in light canvas
Which stitch used to make sea bags
MK 2 anchors are
Serial numbers are located on the
Flat of crown on stock less and on the shank on light weight anchors
How is wire diameter measured
At the end and a little above the center line of the link
What is the length of a standard shot
15 fathoms (90FT)
What device is used to attach the anchor to the chain
Bending shackles
Clear Hawse Pendant
A wire rope pendant 5-15 fathoms long with pelican hook nd open link chain
How after are chains up to 1 1/3 inspected
How long is the lead line messenger on the PD Line
200 FT 3/4 NYLON
How long is the bridge to bridge distance line
350 FT
What size pelican hook at the end of the span wire
1 inch
What size is the pelican hook for the high line
1 3/8
Which circuit does UNREP stations talk on
Night Time signal for fuel
look like a D
Night time station marker for night
all lighted
Night station marker for Stores
backward z
Span wire attachment point static test
Messenger padeye
Messenger padeye — 9,000 lb
6. Easing-out line padeye
messenger return line
300-feet (91.4 mm) of 2-1/4-inch
The CDR has working load of ?
5,700 lb (2,584 kg) capacity
The sliding padeye is
statically tested
50,000 pounds.
What distance is the bouy wire passed through the bullnose
10 yards
How are the two bridle legs of the Williams target sled joined
flounder plate
How is a Liverpool bridle attached to a townline ?
carpenter stopper
What are lazy jacks
They are retrieving only no strain
VERTREP Distance
abeam 300 to 500 yards
MK 105 Sling SWL
What is the hosting weight and personnel capacity of the MWB MK 10
What is the weight capacity of the LCPL MK 11
18,500 and 17
Boat Bill ?
OPNAVIST 3120.32
What are foward booms called
lower booms
What is the wire tackle combination on the outboard of the boom
Topping Lift
The lip on the liferaft platform
15 degres
Single screw boat what kind of force is important
Side Force