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embryonic precursor of smooth right atrium:
resorbed right sinus venosus
embryonic precursor of trabeculated rght atrium:
primitive right atrium
embryonic precursor of right ventricle inflow portion:
Bulbus cordis (PRV)
embryonic precursor of right ventricle outflow portion:
Conus cordis (Prox outflow tract)
embryonic precursor of left atrium smooth part:
Resorbed pulmonary veins
embryonic precursor of left atrium trabeculated part:
primitive left atrium
embryonic precursor of left ventricle inflow portion:
Primitive left ventricle
embryonic precursor of left ventricle outflow portion:
Conus cordis (prox outflow tract)
Origin of Interatrial Septum:
-Septum Primum (from myocardial wall)
-Septum Secundum (from resorption of Rt sinus venosus)
Origin of IVS
-Muscular portion
-Membranous portion
Musc: Myocardial wall trabeculae

Memb: Cushion tissue form inferior AV cushions and Dorsal conus cushions
Origin of AV canal
Fusion of Superior and Inferior endocardial cushions
Origin of Conus Cordis
Dorsal and Ventral Conus Ridges
Origin of Truncus Arteriosus
Superior and Inferior Truncal Ridges
Tissue that TA is derived from:
-Neural crest mesenchyme
What does TA become:
Aortic/pulmonary valves
Tissue origin of Aortic sac:
neural crest mesenchyme
IN the GI tract what does MESODERM give rise to?
-Smooth muscle and CT of GI tract and mesenteries
What type of mesoderm is this?
What does Ectoderm give rise to in the GI tract?
Epithelial lining of glands of the oral cavity and anal tract.
What does everything else in the GI tract come from?
What is a meckel's diverticulum?
Failure of the vitelline duct to obliterate - or the yolk sac
What does the vitelline duct do when it is normal?
Connects the midgut to the yolk sac.
What part of the intestine is meckel's diverticulum associated with?