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Most RAM comes in a DIMM package. What does DIMM stand for?
Dual Inline Memory Module
An older style of RAM is the SIMM package. What does SIMM stand for?
Single Inline Memory Module
Which is used more today, the SIMM or the DIMM?
What does SRAM stand for?
Static Random Access Memory
What does DRAM stand for?
Dynamic Random Access Memory
When did Intel last use Cache on a Stick?
1998 Pentium MMX system
What type of RAM effectively doubles the data rate by sending data on the ebb and flow of the clock cycle?
True or false: DRAM switches are charged by capacitators.
How many pins does a DDR2 DIMM have? (Not SO-DIMM or Mini-DIMM)
How many pins does a DDR DIMM have?
RIMM or Rambus Inline Memory Module
What type of RAM is this?
DDR2 240 pin
What type of RAM is this?
DDR 184 pin
What type of RAM is this?
Which came first FPM or EDO?
How did EDO improve over FPM?
faster access time.
How many pins does EDO RAM have?
168 or 72 pin
168 pin DIMM
What type of RAM is this?
30 pin, 72 pin SIMM
What type of RAM is on the top, what type is on the bottom?
How many pins do SO-DIMM chips have?
100, 144 or 200
SO-DIMM 100 pin
What type of RAM is this?
SO-DIMM 144 pin
What kind of RAM is this?
SO-DIMM 200 pin
What kind of RAM is this?
You are installing RAM. Should the screwdriver you use be magnetic or non-magnetic?
non magnetic
True or false: It is ok to use a magnetic screwdriver when installing RAM.
True or false: You do not need to worry about ESD when intsalling ram.
What color are DIMM slots usually?
After you put a DIMM in a slot, if you put the DIMM in correctly, do you need to then snap the supporting arms?
no, usually they will snap back into place automatically
Give a reason why it is bad to stack DIMMs after you have removed them if you might want to use them again.
you could lose a chip
What should you do with the screws when opening up the case to install RAM?
put them in a bag or other safe place
True or false: SIMMs usually must be installed and uninstalled at an angle.
True or false: DIMMs usually must be installed and uninstalled at an angle.
What is a CIMM used for when using RIMMs?
to put into a RIMM slot when you do not have enough RIMM and have an empty slot.
When installing a SIMM, it must be installed at an angle. About how many degrees is the angle?
Is RIMM inserted at an angle or straight?
When installing RIMM, should you start with bank 0 and go higher, or start with the highest bank and go lower?
start with bank 0.
What is the first thing you should do after installing a memory module if the computer is having memory errors?
check to see if the correct type of module was installed with the correct motherboard.
You've installed RAM and are having memory errors. You know the right type of moduled is installed to work with the motherboard. What do you do next?
check the CMOS to see if ut recognizes the memory correctly.
What is 640K in hexadecimal?
In Win 9x, ME and DOS, what is the range of base memory? (use hexadecimal)
0 to A0000
What Hexadecimal number comes right before the Hexadecimal 100000?
The Hexadecimal A0000 is equal to _____K memory.
The Hexadecimal FFFFF is equal to _____K memory
The Hexadecimal 100000 is equal to ______K memory.
What is 1024K in hexadecimal format?
What are the memory address ranges for Extended memory in Windows 9x, ME, DOS? (in hexadecimal)
100000 and up
In DOS, what is the base memory used for?
dos and applications
In DOS, what is the Upper memory used for?
BIOS and device drivers
What OS was the first to support 32 bit protected mode?
Windows 95
Did Windows 95 allow programs to run in real mode, protected mode, both or neither?
Does Windows NT allow 16 bit drivers?
What is the difference between real mode and protected mode?
In real mode, programs can directly access hardware, in protected mode, they are dependent on the operation system.
You can use this file, a device driver, in later versions of DOS to access extended memory.
What type of metal is used for the connector in this RAM?
What type of RAM is this?
Where is video RAM usually stored in Upper Memory?(in hexadecimal)
A0000 through CFFFF
Where BIOS assigned in Upper Memory? (in hexadecimal)
F0000 - FFFFF
What does TSR stand for in TSR program?
terminate and stay resident program
What is the first 64K of Extended Memory called?
High Memory Area
Why did the first 64K of memory become the high memory?
because of a bug in the 286 made the processor unable to reach this memory. DOS 5 capitalized on this by storing parts of itself there.
What does it mean to load DOS high?
put parts of DOS in High Memory
Extended memory is managed by the OS as a d_______e.
This program file contains software to load device drivers into upper memory.
How would you execute himem.sys?
go into confix.sys and put:
What program manages upper memory in DOS and Windows 9x/ME?
This command can be used in dos in a DOS/9x/Me system to view how memory is currently allocated.
What is an Upper Memory block?
for 9x/Me a group of consecutive memory addresses that have physical memory assigned to it.
How do you create an upper memory block in DOS/9x/ME systems?
go into config.sys and type:
How do you load DOS high in a DOS/9x/ME system?
go into config.sys and t ype DOS=HIGH
SOmeone puts Devicehigh=A:\util\mouse.sys in config.sys. What does this do?
loads mouse driver into high memory
What two things can go wrong when a program is loaded high?
the program may not work from upper memory, there may not be enough room for the program in upper memory
Where does 9x/ME live?
in extended memory
What is the name of the swap file in Win 9x/ME?
How big is a memory page in 9x ME?
What Windows component manages virtual memory in 9x/ME?
Virtual Memory Manager
Give two ways to load high Msdex.exe
LH Msdex.exe
Loadhigh Msdex.exe
Give three symptoms of disk thrashing.
Very high CPU use
slow system response
constant hard drive use
True or false: the NT/2000/XP memory management system causes a loss of some backward compatibility with 9x/ME.
Name the swap file in NT/2000/XP.
Can a memmory dump be handled if the OS and pagefile are on different drives?
What number comes right before A0000 in Hexadecimal?