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One testicle with increased flow on buddy shot, normal parenchyma, enlarged epididymis


Same as trauma; Hx is key.
Epididymitis/Orchitis - % with only epididymal involvement?
60- 80%

Epididymis will be enlarged.
Increased testicluar blood flow in patchy distribuation assoicated with nodules?
Testicular germ cell tumors.
Testicular tumor: What percent lymphoma?
5-7%.....B-cell NonHodgkins.
What is important about the testicle in Leukemia?
"Sanctuary Region" Chemotherapy agents cant cross the blood testis barrier.

-Looks similar to Lymphoma
Multiple homogenous, hypoechoic nodules in both testis?
Testicular lymphoma.
What is Prehn's sign?
Relief from testicular pain when scrotum is elvated. Indicative of epididymitis.
Cremasteric reflex- in what condition is it absent?
Testicular torsion.
Most common cause of acute scrotal pain in men over 18?
Epididymitis - unilater or bilateral
5-10% bilateral
Bilateral Orhchitis
Usually Viral:
Surgery performed in how many hours results in Viable testicular detorsion?
6 hours: Almost always.

6-12 Hours
Two types of testicular torsion:

Extravaginal Testicular Torsion
- fetus or neonates, proximal to tunica vaginalis
Intravaginal Testicular Torsion
- adolescents and adults, tunica completely covers testes, preventing fixation of posterior testicle to scrotal wall--> Bell Clapper
Torsion of appendix testis
-mimics testicular torsion

-leading cause of acute scrotal pain in children

-no treatment required
Usual rotational direction of torsion
Medially, as examiner faces patient
Partial torsion or spontaneous detorsion
May have normal or increased blood flow on color doppler