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what is the ddx of upper airway obstruction
Foreign body
Croup (Steeple sign)
Epiglottis (thumb sign)
What type of imaging would you use in a Retropharyngeal Abscess
CT of neck with IV contrast
Use of round transducer
Endovaginal for gym imaging
Endorectal for prostate imaging
What type of imaging can be used to asses for patency of the fallopian tubes
DDX for a child that Limps
Avascular necrosis
Toxic septic arthritis
Joint effusion
Where should the endotracheal tube be?
5cm above the carina
most common mispositioning is the right main stem bronchus
Where is the correct placement of the PICC line?
Tip should lie within the SVC
What are some pros and cons of PICC lines?
minimally invasive
easy access

daily flushes to prevent clots
can migrate out of the vessels
limits strenuous use of arm
What is the image modality is first ordered with upper airway problems?
soft tissue of the neck and chest xray
What causes the thumb sign of x ray of the soft tissue